It was forty years ago today…


Spoiler Alert – If you don’t want to know what happens in the book, Last of the Donkey Pilgrims, stop here.


Kevin and Missie in 1979 – Source:

No, it wasn’t “…when Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.” It was, on Christmas Eve in 1979, when one of the most heartwarming and uplifting adventures between a man and an animal came to a joyful conclusion. A nearly 1,800 mile, eight-month long trek around the circumference of Ireland by Kevin O’Hara and a sweet female donkey named Missie.

Through thick and thin, hill and dale, hot and cold, wet and dry, and north and south they passed, while meeting a rich assortment of kind folks, eccentrics, and the occasional rogue. Mr. O’Hara’s book describing the adventure, entitled Last of the Donkey Pilgrims, was published in 2004 and vividly recounts their travels around the entirety of this oh, so lovely island. His book easily qualifies as one of my personal favorites.

Happy 40th Anniversary to both Kevin and dear Missie for your great and grand accomplishment – Bravo!

Kevin O’Hara stands beside the Berkshire Carousel replica of “Missy” the donkey that accompanied him on his 1979 coastal tour of Ireland. Thursday October 19, 2017.


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