States with the most heliports and seaplane bases

Heliport in Olympia, WA – Source:

The following data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics identifies those ten (10) states with the most public and private heliports and seaplane bases in the United States. A separate list is provided for each.

Flight activity at Louisiana heliport – Source:

One of the more surprising bits of data from this list is that despite all of its lakes, Michigan is not in the top ten states with seaplane bases. Also surprising, is how far down the list the state of New York falls (ninth) in terms of heliports. This seems to indicate that they are mostly concentrated in New York City.

Bristow Galliano Heliport, LA – Source:

One may wonder why Louisiana is so high on the list of heliports and that is largely due to the number of such facilities related to providing access to and from the many offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Chevron Heliport in Louisiana – Source:


  1. Texas = 553
  2. California = 411
  3. Pennsylvania = 345
  4. Florida = 292
  5. Illinois = 248
  6. Ohio = 215
  7. Louisiana = 212
  8. New Jersey = 207
  9. New York = 183
  10. Colorado = 179

Lake Hood Seaplane Base, AK – Source:


  1. Alaska = 139
  2. Minnesota = 57
  3. Florida and Maine = 46 each
  4. Indiana, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin = 17 each
  5. Massachusetts = 15
  6. Louisiana = 11


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