Catchy, clever, and weird transit names and acronyms


Below are some weird, wacky, clever, and catchy names for transit systems. While more examples from other nations would be nice, it’s difficult to decipher so many languages. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions, especially from overseas, to this list are always welcome. Enjoy!


  • ART – Albuquerque Rapid Transit, New Mexico – commute in style!
  • Citilink – Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • COAST – Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation, New Hampshire
  • DART – Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Texas; Des Moines Area Rapid Transit, Iowa; and Delaware Transit, Delaware
  • FAST – Fayetteville Area System of Transit, North Carolina – Whew…Glad they didn’t call it Fayetteville Area Rapid Transit (FART).
  • JETS – Jonesboro Economical Transit System, Arkansas – perhaps founded by Benny?
  • LYNX – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • SMART – Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation, Michigan – always thought it meant “Southeast Michigan” not “Suburban Mobility.”
  • SPRINTER – Oceanside, California



  • BeST Transit Bedford, Sullivan, and Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania
  • BUS – Brownsville Urban System, Texas – good thing there didn’t add Texas to the acronym (BUST).
  • Chile Line – Taos, New Mexico
  • COMET – Columbia Metro, South Carolina – one of my favorites 
  • Ecovia – Monterrey, Mexico – should be listed as catchy too!
  • GOVA – Greater Sudbury, Ontario – bilingual with “Go” and French equivalent of “Va.”
  • Rail Runner – Albuquerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico – great one for a state that is home to many roadrunners.
  • The Plane Train – Atlanta International Airport, Georgia
  • Transfort – Fort Collins, Colorado
  • TRAX– Transit Express, Utah
  • VenanGO – Venango County, Pennsylvania
  • Wing Shuttle – Osaka International Airport, Japan



  • Happy Line Monorail – Shezchen, China – seems unimaginative
  • Magic Carpet Bus – Enfield, Connecticut – why? Transit for stoners?
  • MIA Mover – Miami International Airport, Florida – too close to “missing in action”
  • Pocono Pony – Monroe County, Pennsylvania – huh?
  • rabbitTRANSIT – York County , Pennsylvania – uh…yeah
  • SCAT – Sarasota County Area Transit, Florida – they realize that “scat” has two meanings, don’t they?
  • SLO Transit – San Luis Obispo, California – How slow is it?
  • The Bus – Prince George’s County, Maryland; Merced County, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii – boring!
  • The Jule – Dubuque, Iowa – I have no idea why it’s named this.
  • The Ride – Ann Arbor, Michigan – seriously, Ann Arbor. All those students there and you couldn’t come up with anything better?


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