When Pickup Trucks Weren’t Killing Machines…

Before pickup trucks became supersize killing machines on steroids, they were useful, practical, utilitarian, and in many cases downright stylish. Today, they, along with supersize SUVs, are contributing to the tragic rise in pedestrian and cyclist deaths due to dangerously hefty/elevated designs. The image below shows a visual comparison of the scale of a recent Chevy pickup to a historic one:

Source: digitaltrends.com

The increased bulk of modern vehicles and especially their front grill height, makes them much more deadly. Where before pedestrians and cyclists would have most likely been thrown onto the hood or windshield in a collision, today the increase height causes them to be pulled under the vehicle where they are commonly run over.

The photos in this post depict a series of handsome antique and vintage pickup trucks seen  over the last two weeks of January 2020 in Arizona and New Mexico. These classic vehicles show the charm, style, flair, and usefulness of pickup trucks that were utilitarian instead of overbuilt egos on four wheels. Hopefully, soon, the auto/truck makers will start making them like the used to for both practical and safety reasons. For a classic pickup aficionado like me, that day can’t come soon enough. 

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