Geography of Tractor Supply’s distribution network

The list below identifies the existing eight (8) distributions centers in Tractor Supply’s warehouse network. The oldest is located in Pendleton, Indiana (1999), northeast of Indianapolis on I-69, while the newest (2018) is in Upstate New York along I-90 in Frankfort (Utica).

  • Casa Grande (Phoenix-Tucson area), AZ: 651,000 sq. ft. (2015)
  • Frankfort (Utica area), NY: 924,000 sq. ft. (2018)
  • Franklin (Nashville-Bowling Green area), KY: 834,000 sq. ft. (2011)
  • Hagerstown (DC-Baltimore area), MD: 780,000 sq. ft. (2005/expanded in 2015)
  • Macon, GA: 667,000 sq. ft. (2013)
  • Pendleton (Indianapolis area), IN: 752,000 sq. ft. (1999)
  • Waco, TX: 654,000 sq. ft. (2003)
  • Waverly (Lincoln area), NE: 591,000 sq. ft. (2005)


Frankfort, NY Distribution Center – Source:

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