Dublin Link Bridge – An iconic new non-motorized bridge

Dublin (Ohio) Link Bridge – Source: Source: equipmentworld.com

Opened appropriately on St. Patrick’s Day, the Dublin Link Bridge is the world’s longest “S” shape suspension bridge. Oh, and by the way, did I mention it’s in Dublin, Ohio, not Dublin, Ireland?

With a 500 foot main span, an 169 nine foot tall tower, and unique “S” shape curve, this is the kind of iconic non-motorized project you would expect to see built in Denmark or the Netherlands, not in suburban Columbus, Ohio.

Too often, non-motorized projects in the United States tend to built with an overtly utilitarian focus because precious transportation funding still focuses mostly on motor vehicles. Congrats to Dublin, Ohio for making both a concrete and visual statement about the importance of non-motorized transportation in the United States, too. Well done!


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