“Queen City” nicknames dotting the map


Sign in Independence, MO – Source: pointers.com

Apparently being a queen city was big deal at one time in history given the number of cities that have used that moniker in some manner or another during their history. The list does not include cities with the word “queen” in their name.

Sign in Beach Haven, NJ – Source: qctaxexchange.com

Below is the running list of them – please feel free to forward others that may have been overlooked. As can be seen, there is a lot of competition for certain titles, such as “Queen City of the West,” “Queen City of the South,” “Queen City of the North,” or just plain old “Queen City.” 

Sign in Regina – Source: pinterest.com

Curious, how many of these cities may have given Freddie Mercury and the boys from Queen a key to their city? Enjoy!

Sign in Cincinnati – Source: youtube.com

  • Ada, Oklahoma, USA – “Queen City of the Chickasaw Nation”
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Auckland, New Zealand – “Queen City”
  • Baker City, Oregon, USA – “The Queen City of Eastern Oregon”
  • Bangor, Maine, USA – “Queen City of the East”
  • Beach Haven, New Jersey, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Buffalo, New York, USA – “Queen City of the Great Lakes”
  • Burlington, Vermont, USA – “Queen City of New England”
  • Caldwell, Kansas, USA – “Border Queen City”
  • Camden, Arkansas, USA – “Queen City of the Ouachita”
  • Cebu City, Philippines – “Queen City of the South”
  • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – due to being named for Queen Charlotte – “The Queen City” or “The QC”
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – “Queen City of the West”
  • Clarksville, Tennessee, USA – “Queen of the Cumberland”
  • Cumberland, Maryland, USA – “Queen City of the Alleghenies”
  • Darjeeling, India – “Queen of the Hills”
  • Del Rio, Texas, USA – “Queen City of the Rio Grande”
  • Denver, Colorado, USA – “Queen City of the Plains”
  • Dickinson, North Dakota, USA – “Queen City of the Prairies”
  • Elmira, New York, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Eureka, California, USA – “Queen City of the Ultimate West”
  • Freedom, Oklahoma, USA – “Queen City of the Cimarron”
  • Gadsden, Alabama, USA – “Queen City of the Coosa”
  • Gainesville, Georgia, USA – “Queen City of the Mountains”
  • Greenville, Mississippi, USA – “Queen City of the Delta”
  • Guadalajara, Mexico – “Queen City of the West”
  • Hastings, Nebraska, USA – “Queen City of the Plains”
  • Hazard, Kentucky, USA – “Queen City of the Mountains”
  • Helena, Montana, USA – “Queen City of the Rockies”
  • Idaho City, Idaho, USA – “Queen of the Boise Basin”
  • Independence, Missouri, USA – “Queen City of the Trails”
  • Kochi, India – “Queen of Arabian Sea”
  • Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA – “The Queen City of the Merrimac Valley”
  • Manchester, New Hampshire, USA – “Queen City”
  • Marquette, Michigan, USA – “Queen City of the North”
  • Melbourne, Australia – “Queen City of the South”
  • Mercedes,Texas, USA – “Queen City of the Valley”
  • Meridian, Mississippi, USA – “Queen City”
  • Mount Pleasant, Utah, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Nelson, British Columbia, Canada – “The Queen City of the Kootenays”
  • New Iberia, Louisiana, USA – “The Queen City”
  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – “Queen City of the South” or “The Queen of the Mississippi”
  • Newport, Rhode Island, USA – “Queen of Summer Resorts”
  • New Rochelle, New York, USA – “Queen City of the Sound”
  • Ooty, Indian – “Queen of Hill Stations”
  • Plainfield, New Jersey – “The Queen City”
  • Poughkeepsie, New York, USA – “Queen City of the Hudson”
  • Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Regina means queen in Latin and “The Queen City”
  • Rochester, Minnesota, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Seattle, Washington, USA – “The Future Queen City of the Pacific” or “Queen City of the Pacific Northwest”
  • Sedalia, Missouri, USA – “Queen City of the Prairies”
  • Selma, Alabama, USA – “Queen City of the Blackbelt”
  • Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada – “Queen City of the Eastern Townships”
  • Shimmy, India – “Queen of Hills”
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA – “Queen City of the West”
  • Sonora, California, USA – “Queen City of the Mother Lode”
  • Spearfish, South Dakota, USA – “Queen City”
  • Springfield, Missouri, USA – “Queen City of the Ozarks”
  • Staunton, Virginia – “Queen City of the Shenandoah Valley”
  • Terre Haute, Indiana, USA – “Queen City of the Wabash”
  • Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA – “The Queen City”
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada – “Queen City”
  • Traverse City, Michigan, USA – “Queen City of the North”
  • Virginia, Minnesota, USA – “Queen City of the North”

Sign from Cumberland – Source: amazon.com



Postcard from Sonora – Source: eBay.com

Water Tower in Virginia, MN – Source: virginiamn.com

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