Cities and towns named for a river bend


The following list identifies whose cities and towns with “bend” in their name. In nearly all cases, the term “bend” refers to a significant bend in a river, but a few pertain to lakes and or bays. Only two (2) seem to have no reference to a riverine feature.

The great bend of the Arkansas River (top center) is clearly evident from this map – Source:

The great bend is also evident from this map – Source:

Pennsylvania and Texas have the most examples with four (4), followed Washington and Wisconsin with three (3) each. The largest of these communities are South Bend, Indiana and Bend, Oregon, each with just over 100,000 residents. Based on current growth rates though, Bend, Oregon should soon become clearly the largest “bend” city.


While preparing this post, communities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hungary, and South Africa were identified. Despite efforts to find other cities and towns elsewhere, including in languages other than English, but to no avail. Any suggestions, additions, or corrections are most welcome, especially for places not identified as of yet.


  • Bend, Oregon, USA – Deschutes River
  • Bend, Texas, USA – Colorado River
  • Big Bend, California, USA – Sacramento River
  • Big Bend, Louisiana, USA – former course of the Red River
  • Big Bend, Pennsylvania, USA (ghost town) – Shenango River
  • Big Bend, Wisconsin, USA – Fox River
  • Brazos Bend, Texas, USA – Brazos River – added 7/7/20
  • East Bend, North Carolina, USA – near the Yadkin River
  • Coats Bend, Alabama, USA – Coosa River – added 7/9/20
  • Gila Bend, Arizona, USA – on the Gila River – added 7/7/20 – can’t believe I forgot this one!
  • Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada – Lake Huron (the one that is not a river bend)
  • Great Bend, Kansas, USA – Arkansas River
  • Great Bend, New York, USA – Black River
  • Great Bend, North Dakota, USA – Wild Rice River
  • Great Bend, Pennsylvania, USA – Susquehanna River
  • Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, USA – none
  • Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, USA – Payette River
  • Horseshoe Bend, Texas, USA – added 7/7/20
  • Hudson Bend, Texas, USA – Colorado River – added 7/7/20
  • Illinois Bend, Texas, USA – Red River
  • North Bend, British Columbia, Canada – Fraser River
  • North Bend, Nebraska, USA – Platte River
  • North Bend, Ohio, USA – Ohio River
  • North Bend, Oregon, USA – Coos Bay/River
  • North Bend, Pennsylvania, USA – West Branch of the Susquehanna River
  • North Bend, Washington, USA – South Fork if the Snoqualmie River
  • North Bend, Wisconsin, USA – Black River
  • Riverbend, California, USA – Kings River
  • River Bend, Missouri, USA – Missouri River
  • Riverbend, Montana, USA – Clark Fork River
  • River Bend, North Carolina, USA – Trent River
  • Riverbend, Queensland, Australia – Logan River
  • Riverbend, South Africa – Klein-jukskeir Rivier
  • Riverbend, Washington, USA – South Fork of the Snoqualmie River
  • South Bend, Indiana USA – St. Joseph River
  • South Bend, Nebraska, USA – Platte River
  • South Bend, Pennsylvania, USA – none
  • South Bend, Texas, USA – Brazos River
  • South Bend, Washington, USA – Willapa River
  • South Toledo Bend, Texas, USA – Sabine River
  • Szeged, Hungary – Tisza River – (szeg means “corner” in old Hungarian) – added 7/6/20
  • Tailem Bend, South Australia, Australia – Murray River
  • West Bend Alabama, USA – Tombigee River
  • West Bend, Iowa, USA – near the Des Moines River
  • West Bend, Wisconsin, USA – Milwaukee River


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