Beautiful fungi and mushrooms of Power Island


Power Island –

Power Island (previously known as Marion Island or Ford Island) is a 202 acre island that is located approximately one mile west of Old Mission Peninsula in the West Arm of Grand Traverse Bay. This heavily wooded preserve has a surprisingly varied terrain, rising 230 feet above the bay waters. While hiking the island two (2) weekends ago after a 3.5 mile boat ride from Bowers Harbor, we discovered an amazing array of fungi and mushrooms.

Here are some photos of these colorful and interesting fungi. I’ve only been able to identify a few of them, so any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. As always, wild mushrooms and fungi should never be eaten unless you are absolutely certain of its identity and have confirmed it is not poisonous. Enjoy the photographs.

Coral fungus – They almost look like french fries in a box.

Annual Shelf fungus (two on the left)

Possible Russula


Golden Chanterelle

Boletus (Snell)  mushroom


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