Favorite names of mesas in America’s Old West


Enchanted Mesa, New Mexico

There are certain names and terms that conjour up images of places. In the vast, rugged, and lovely landscapes of the American West, mesas are one of the most iconic topographic and geologic features. While in the process of preparing a separate post, I came to enjoy and appreciate some fun, historic, ominous, and truly iconic names for the majestic mesas dotting the West. Here’s my list of my favorite names, presented in alphabetical order – I hope you enjoy them, too. Other interesting mesa names will be added as they are discovered.

  • Antelope Lookout Mesa
  • Azotea (Rooftop) Mesa
  • Battlement Mesa
  • Big Chief Mesa
  • Bighorn Mesa
  • Bobtail Mesa
  • Bridger Jack Mesa – sounds like a mountain man’s name – one of my favorites

Bridger Jack Mesa – Source: suwa.org

  • Buckboard Mesa
  • Buckskin Mesa
  • Burro Mesa
  • Button Mesa – cute as a button
  • Calamity Mesa – a terrific name that reeks of the Old West

Calamity Mesa – Source – listsofjohn.com

  • Cannon Ball Mesa
  • Casa del Eco (Eco House) Mesa
  • Cattle Garden Mesa
  • Checkerboard Mesa – if you’ve been to Zion National Park, you’ve probably seen this (see photo at the end of the post)
  • Cimarron Mesa – a truly western term
  • Ciruela (Plum) Mesa
  • Cisco Mesa
  • Coyote Mesa – wouldn’t be the Old West without coyotes
  • Devil’s Grave Mesa
  • Dick Mesa – no comment
  • Dude Mesa – nice to see something named for Mr. Lebowski.
  • Eagle Tail Mesa
  • Enchanted Mesa – one of my favorite names; and of course located in New Mexico (see photo at the top of the post)
  • Five Pine Mesa
  • Flat Iron Mesa
  • Floating Mesa
  • Found Mesa – was it lost?
  • Grand Mesa – largest in the world in land area
  • Gut Ache Mesa
  • Hanging Mesa – ominous name
  • Hell Roaring Mesa – now this is a truly Western name!
  • Hideout Mesa – wonder if Butch  and Sundance are there?
  • Horse Pasture Mesa
  • Horse Shoe Mesa
  • Juniper Mesa
  • Kicking Foot Mesa – sounds like an awesome name for a Native American Chief
  • Lobo (Wolf) Mesa
  • Loco Mesa – now that’s a crazy name!
  • Love Mesa – soon to be a TV show on your network, along with Boat Mesa
  • Mail Trail Mesa
  • Mesa del Toro (Bull Mesa)
  • Mesa Encantada (Haunted Mesa)
  • Mesa Inclinado (Inclined Mesa)
  • Mesa Malpais (Bad Country Mesa) – great name
  • Mesa Palo Amarillo (Yellow Stick Mesa) – ditto
  • Mesita del Buey (Little Mesa of the Good) – double ditto
  • Mess Box Mesa
  • Mockingbird Mesa
  • Mocassin Mesa
  • Music Mesa – “the mesas’ are alive with the sound of music”
  • Mustang Mesa
  • No Man Mesa
  • No Name Mesa
  • North Star Mesa
  • Orchard Mesa
  • Pinon Mesa
  • Poison Spider Mesa – yikes!
  • Purdy Mesa – “well, ain’t she purdy?”
  • Razor Blade Mesa
  • Rock Door Mesa
  • Rock Pile Mesa
  • Scenic Mesa
  • Secret Mesa – then how does anyone know about it?
  • Sentinel Mesa – another favorite of mine

Sentinel Mesa in Utah – Source: tripadvisor.com

  • Shamrock Mesa
  • Shirttail Mesa
  • Silvercrest Mesa
  • Sitting Coyote Mesa – another favorite
  • Skeleton Mesa – another ominous name
  • Slaughter Mesa – yet another ominous name
  • Snowbird Mesa
  • Snowshoe Mesa
  • Steamboat Mesa
  • Stoner Mesa – what were they smoking up there?
  • Stovepipe Mesa
  • Sunflower Mesa – I like this one too
  • Sunlight Mesa
  • Sunshine Mesa
  • Tenderfoot Mesa – a term that epitomizes the Old West
  • Ticaboo Mesa
  • Tin Cup Mesa
  • Urraca Mesa (Magpie Mesa)
  • Vermillion Mesa
  • Wagon Box Mesa
  • Whitewater Mesa
  • Wildcat Mesa
  • Wildhorse Mesa
  • Wild Oat Mesa
  • Wild Sheep Mesa
  • Wild Steer Mesa

Checkerboard Mesa in Zion National Park , Utah

SOURCE: topozone.com

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