Dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn city/town names

Rising Sun, Indiana – Source: cityofrisingsun.com

Below are city and town names that reflect the dawn, midday, dusk, nighttime, and back again. In a number of cases, the dawn and dusk names match up geographically and logically with their names. These are noted with explanations. Not included are those places that refer to astronomical names such as “sun” or “moon,” that also do not include some reference to the changing extent of sunlight or night. As a result, city/town names like Sun City or Sunland Park are not apart of the list.

August sunset over Lake Wawasee, Indiana

Any additions, corrections, or suggestions are most welcome. Enjoy!

Source: commons.wikipmedia.org


  • Aurora, Colorado – on the east side of Denver
  • Aurora, Illinois – in northeast Illinois
  • Aurora, Indiana – in southeast Indiana
  • Aurora, Minnesota – in northeast Minnesota
  • Aurora, Missouri
  • Aurora, Nebraska – in the eastern half of Nebraska
  • Aurora, New York
  • Aurora, Ohio – in northeast Ohio
  • Aurora, Ontario
  • Aurora, Oregon
  • Aurora, South Dakota – in east-central South Dakota
  • Aurora, Utah
  • Bright, Indiana – located in the southeastern corner of the state
  • Cockcrow Post Town, China – nearly a ghost town – in the eastern half of the country 
  • Dayspring, Nigeria – in the southeastern corner of the country
  • Dayspring, Nova Scotia – pretty much everything in Nova Scotia is east
  • East Aurora, New York – on the east side of Buffalo
  • Rising Sun, Indiana – in southeast Indiana
  • Risingsun, Ohio
  • Sunrise, Alaska
  • Sunrise, Florida – in southeast Florida
  • Sunrise, Minnesota – in east-central Minnesota
  • Sunrise, Texas – in east-central Texas
  • Sunrise, Virginia
  • Sunrise Heights, Michigan
  • Sunrise Manor, Nevada


  • Daylight, Indiana
  • Suncrest, Washington
  • Sunlight, West Virginia
  • Sunshine Coast, Australia


  • Evening Shade, Arkansas
  • Sundown, Texas – in the western part of the Panhandle 
  • Sunset, Florida
  • Sunset, Louisiana
  • Sunset, Utah – on the southwest side of Ogden
  • Sunset Beach, Florida – on the Gulf (west) coast of Florida
  • Sunset Beach, Hawaii – on the northwest coast of Oahu
  • Sunset Beach, North Carolina
  • Sunset Beach, Oregon – on the Pacific (west) coast
  • Sunset Hills, Missouri – on the west side fo St. Louis
  • Sunset Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Sunset Valley, Texas – on the southwest side of Austin
  • Sunset Village, Georgia – in west-central Georgia
  • Tesnus, Texas – ghost town – “sunset” spelled backwards – Thank you Dan!

Source: sunset-hills.com


  • Midnight, Mississippi
  • Moonlight, Indiana
  • Starlight, Pennsylvania


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3 Responses to Dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn city/town names

  1. Dan Tilque says:

    Do you count ghost towns? If so, there’s a Tesnus (Sunset spelled backwards) in west Texas. Got its name from a sunset in the Southern Pacific RR logo.

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