Roadside Americana: A montage of iconic Juke Joints

Blue Front Cafe – Bentonia, Mississippi – Source:

The map and series of photos provided below depict juke joints, both past and present.  Historically associated with the Blues, most juke joints have been situated across the Deep South, particularly in and around the Mississippi Delta Region. Sadly, the number of juke joints has been declining over the years. As a result, a number of those depicted herein are no longer open for business – though the building may be standing in some instances.  Those juke joints which are still operating provide a rare glimpse into this iconic slice of both African-American history and Roadside Americana for locals, visitors, history buffs, and music fans, alike.

Please note that the map only identifies the town or the county where they are or were once operating. It is not meant to specify the exact location nor whether the juke joint is open. If you know of digital photos of other juke joints, please feel free to pass them along and they will be added to the post and the map. Enjoy!


Club Ebony – Indianola, Mississippi – Source:

Fannie Grants – Jones, Georgia – Source:

Po’ Monkey’s – Merigold, Mississippi – Source:

Frenchies Bar & Gas – Belle Glade, Florida – Source:

The Pines – Florida – Source:

Do Drop Inn – Shelby, Mississippi – Source:

Ollie’s Juke Joint & Cafe – Kingston, Oklahoma – Source:

Everglade Garden – Belle Glade, Florida – Source:

Da Palace – Mississippi – Source:

Blue Door Cafe – Belzoni, Mississippi – Source:

Red Top Lounge – Source:

Effie’s Lounge – Memphis (North), Tennessee – Source:

Ford’s – Louisiana – Source:

Purple Rain Lounge – Duncan, Mississippi – Source:

Former Jr.’s – Holly Springs, Mississippi – Source:

Jr.’s Juke Joint #2 – Holly Springs, Mississippi –

Red’s – Clarksdale, Mississippi – Source:

Pink Pony Cafe – Darling, Mississippi – Source:

Former juke joint – Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Source:

Former juke joint – White Station, Mississippi – Source:

Leroy’s – Porter, Indiana – Source:

Teddy’s Juke Joint – Zachary. Louisiana – Source:

Former juke joint – Jacksonville, Florida – Source:

Griffin’s Hines Farm Blues Club – Swanton, Ohio – Source:

Key Hole Inn – Indianola. Mississippi – Source: via

Former juke joint – Source:

Gip’s Place – Bessemer, Alabama – Source:

Bobby’s Lounge – Bay St. Louis, Mississippi – Source:

Dot Inn – Source:

2 Spot – Jacksonville, Florida – Source:

Former juke joint – Tallahassee, Florida – Source:

Todd’s Piney Pig – Long County, Georgia – Source:

Mr. C. – Tattnall County, Georgia – Source:

Thomas Social Club – Georgia (South) – Source:

Former Eastside Park Juke Joint – Ocala, Florida – Source:

The Bucket – Clearview, Oklahoma – Source:

Blue Moon – Mississippi – Source:

Dub’s Place – Baker County, Georgia – Source:

Wild Cats – Richmond Hill, Georgia – Source:

That Other Place – Hinsonton, Georgia – Source

African Queen – Ferriday, Louisiana – Source:

Riverfront – Helena, Arkansas – Source:

Bear’s Place – Mississippi? – Source:


If juke joints and their history intrigues you too, here are a couple of visual links to a book and a film documentary about them, that are available through*

http://    http://

*A small commission is earned from purchases that are made using these links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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