Tardy Tuesday Tunes: Weezer’s best cover art & great music

Source: turnupthevolume.blog

I named this post “Tardy Tuesday Tunes” for two reasons. One, I missed getting it published by Tuesday and second, I was late to the party reviewing Weever’s newest album entitled, OK Human. Released in late January, OK Human is packaged in arguably Weezer’s coolest and best album cover yet. One cannot help but be impressed by the artwork. Compared to all of Weezer’s other releases, OK Human has the most artful and elaborate design…by far.

Inside the album, one is treated to a rich orchestration of sounds that really touches the psyche. Employing the Los Angeles Philharmonic to accompany the band really enriches the tunes on Ok Human and lets the listener melt into the music. I, for one, really like this album and enjoy the band taking chances with the classical instrumentation being included.

My only gripe is the album is just a tad over 30 minutes long. My preference would be for some of the songs to be another minute or two longer – “Screens” in particular could be extended. After several listens, these are my favorite tracks from OK Human:

  1. Numbers
  2. Screens
  3. Aloo Gobi
  4. All My Favorite Songs
  5. Grapes of Wrath
  6. Playing My Piano
  7. Bird With a Broken Wing


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