Three stages of becoming an important logistics hub


With “just-in-time” supply chains and distribution networks, as well as ever-increasing digital sales, efficient logistics networks have become vitally important to the business community. In that same vein, this modern distribution paradigm has led to the establishment of enormous logistics hubs along and near key truck freight transportation corridors. The following chart identifies the busiest interstate highway truck corridors in the United States.


A review of logistics hubs shows that there are essentially three (3) stages to become an important logistics hub. The following aerial photos of depict each stage from several that exist in and around Indianapolis, Indiana.

EMERGING LOGISTICS HUB – Clayton/Hazelwood, Indiana (I-70 & IN 39)

A newly emerging logistics hub at the next exit west of Plainfield, Indiana (See Maturing Hub)


GROWING LOGISTICS HUB – Whitestown, Indiana (I-65 & IN 267)

Growing logistics hub in Whitestown, Indiana


MATURING LOGISTICS HUB – Plainfield, Indiana (I-70 & IN 267/Ronald Reagan Parkway)

Enormous maturing logistics hub just west of Indianapolis International Airport

All three (3) of these logistics hubs have similarities:

  • They are located along one of the nation’s busiest interstate highway truck corridors.
  • They are located outside the periphery of the interstate beltway (I-465).
  • They are located close to the intersection of two (2) or more interstate highways.
  • They have truck and travel services located at them, such as fuel, lodging, and repair services. Even the emerging hub at Clayton/Hazelwood has a Love’s Truck Stop situated there.
  • Signalized intersections are there to allow for safe left turns by large trucks.
  • They have land available for additional distribution centers and warehouses, though land has become limited north of I-70 in Plainfield. This is part of the reason that another hub is developing to the west at Clayton/Hazelwood. In addition, as the advertising aerial image below shows, the Plainfield Logistics Hub is now expanding south if I-70.


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