The symmetry and beauty of the Gateway Arch

We had the opportunity to visit and ride to the top of the 630-foot tall Gateway Arch on June 10th. This magnificent monument is 56 years young in 2021. During our visit, I was most surprised to learn that the original approval for erecting a monument celebrating the westward expansion of the United States was back in 1935 by President Roosevelt. Due to World War II, actual design proposals were not sought until 1947. Famed architect Eero Saarinen submitted the winning design which we all admire today.

Sheer symmetry with sky and clouds

Regardless of how long it took from conception to completion, the arch is stunning to visit and view from a variety of angles. Originally designated a National Memorial recognizing the Jefferson National Expansion of the United Stated through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the 91 acre site was updated and renamed Gateway Arch National Park in 2015. Here are some photos taken from this lofty adventure. Enjoy!

Historic Old St. Louis Courthouse as seen from atop the arch
Cool image using the photosphere option on my Pixel
An impressive diorama comparing the arch’s height to other monuments and honoring those who helped develop the arch

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