Tuesday Tunes: Chronology of my favorite music artists

Wolf Alice – Source: thetimes.co.uk

Below is a table identifying my favorite musical artists over the years. As can be seen, they vary from time to time, with some appearing more than once. Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Weezer, The Stills, and Wolf Alice have all accomplished this feat. Regardless of listing, each of these performers (and many more) have been important to my musical appreciation. Some artists that ought to be on the list, but aren’t, include Queen, Heart, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Eagles, and John Mellencamp.

1964-1965The Beatles (UK)
1966-1968The Monkees (USA)
1969-1970The Rolling Stones (UK)
1971-1972Carole King (USA)
1973-1976Aerosmith (USA)
1977Fleetwood Mac (UK/USA)
1978The Cars (USA)
1979-1982Pat Benatar (USA)
1983Def Leppard (UK)
1984 Scandal (USA)
1985-1986U2 (Ireland)
1987-1989Def Leppard (UK)
1990-1991Aerosmith (USA)
1992-1993Pearl Jam (USA)
1994Weezer (USA)
1995-2001Radiohead (UK)
2001-2002Weezer (USA)
2003-2004The Stills (Canada)
2005-2007Death Cab for Cutie (USA)
2008The Stills (Canada)
2009-2015Metric (Canada)
2015-2019Wolf Alice (UK)
2020Phoebe Bridgers (USA)
2021-presentWolf Alice (UK)
Sources: en.wikipedia.org for discographies of each artist

The longest running positions as my favorite tend to be the more recent artists. I’m not sure whether this is a result of me not listening to music as much as I once did or the lack of artists receiving adequate airplay from the genres I prefer. One thing is for sure, during the height of the MTV era (approx. 1980-2000 when they actually played music videos), my favorite artist seemed to change more often, as more performers were given the opportunity to be heard by larger audiences. Today, music is so fractured and balkanized into categories and subcategories, its hard to keep track of who fits where.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Tunes: Chronology of my favorite music artists

  1. Susan M. says:

    Nice list. Mine would include Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Led Zeppelin; Bob Dylan; Linda Ronstadt. No ideas on the years. Since radio seems to be local, it would be interesting to see lists like this based on geography. These days, I tend to listed to NPR, so I’m less familiar with current musicians, which is probably my loss. Plus I grew up in Mid-Michigan and am now in Baltimore – music here is much more likely to be jazz than rock.

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    • problogic says:

      I agree that it would be interesting to study the radio geography questions. Having lived in a college town (East Lansing) for nearly 17 years was helpful for learning about new artists. The net helps too, but can also be overwhelming.


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