The lowdown on Lowe’s distribution network

Below are three (3) tables identifying the regional distribution centers (RDC), fulfillment centers, and bulk distribution centers for Lowe’s. Smaller, local distribution facilities and cross-dock facilities are not included. As is evident from the tables, Pennsylvania leads the way with four (4) facilities, while North Carolina, Georgia, and California have two (2) each.

Where data is unknown, a “?” is listed. Any information on this missing data or other Lowe’s facilities not included in the tables would be most welcome.


Lowe’s RDC in Pittston, PA – Source:
Statesville, NC1,475,0001996
Valdosta, GA1,400,0001996
Minersville, PA1,250,0001998
Perris, CA1,250,0002000
Findlay, OH1,300,000early 2000s
Cheyenne, WY 900,0002002
Plainfield, CT1,400,0002004
Kissimmee, FL1,300,0002004
Rockford, IL1,450,0002005
Lebanon, OR1,400,0002007
Pittston, PA1,500,0002009
Adairsville, GA1,400,0002012
Boucherville, QC??
Garysburg, NC??
Mt. Vernon, TX??
North Vernon, IN??
Calgary, AB1,230,0002021


Fulfillment center in Coopertown – Source:
Coopertown, TN1,082,0002018
Mira Loma, CA1,100,0002020
Shippensburg, PA1,100,0002021
Denton, TX650,0002021


Bulk Distribution Center in Shippensburg, PA – Source:
Shippensburg, PA1,200,0002020
Duncan, SC1,300,0002020
New Caney, TX1,500,0002021
Bessemer, AL1,200,0002021
Ashland, VA1,100,0002021
Winlock, WA1,200,0002021


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2 Responses to The lowdown on Lowe’s distribution network

  1. Jeanne Stribley says:

    Plenty of room for renewable energy at these behemoths. Where are the trees in parking
    lots? So much these companies cloud do to help curb the climate problem. Wake up
    corporate America.

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