When American airports were (or are) gorgeous

The following images show some of America’s most beautiful vintage airport terminal buildings, as well as a a few that are still operational. Fortunately, many of these historic structures have been preserved and/or adapted to new uses. Enjoy!

Akron Fulton Municipal Air Terminal, OH (preserved) – Source: thedevilstrip.com
Albuquerque Municipal Airport Termina, NMl (preserved) – Source; sai-archipedia.org
Albuquerque Municipal Airport Terminal in 1939 – Source: hiddennewmexico.com
Burbank/Bob Hope Airport, CA (in use) – Source: youtube.com
El Paso Airport Terminal, TX (lost) – Source: hippostcard.com
Glendale/Grand Central Air Terminal, CA (preserved) – Source: smconservancy.org
Houston/Hobby Air Terminal, TX (preserved) – Source: reddit.com
Louisville/Bowman Field Air Terminal, KY (preserved) – Source: historiclouisville.com
Newark Metropolitan Airport Terminal, NJ (preserved) – Source: untappedcities.com
New York City/LaGuardia Airport, NY (in use) – Source: travelandleisure.com
Omaha/Eppley Airfield, NE (lost) – Source: northomahahistory.com
Port Columbus Air Terminal, OH (preserved) – Source: columbuslandmarks.org
Portland/Swan Island Municipal Airport, OR – Source: en.wikipedia.org
Santa Fe Municipal Airport, NM (in use) – Source: foursquare.com
Tulsa Air Terminal, OK (lost in 1970) – Source: pinterest.com


If you enjoy images of these beautiful vintage airports, here are a couple a resources that are available through Amazon.com.*

*A small commission is earned from purchases that are made using this link to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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