Geography of’s fulfillment centers

The table included in this post lists the current and future fulfillment centers developed by, an e-commerce pet products company. As is clearly evident, there has been a rapid expansion of fulfillment centers since 2014.

Chewy fulfillment center -Salisbury, NC –

Pennsylvania has seen the greatest amount of development with five (5) fulfillment centers since 2014, three (3) which are in Northeast Pennsylvania metropolitan area of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Two (2) others are located in the Harrisburg area.

Chewy fulfillment center – Wilkes-Barre, PA – Source:

The most unique of these fulfillment centers is being established in Pittston, Pennsylvania for the rapid distribution of pet medical supplies and animal pharmaceuticals.

Mechanicsburg, PA602,0002014
Dallas, TX663,0002017
Goodyear, AZ802,6702018
Ocala, FL600,0002018
Clayton, IN750,000 +/-?
Sparks, NV795,0002018
Dayton, OH690,5002019
Wilkes-Barre, PA808,0002020
Archbald, PA700,0002020
Salisbury, NC700,0002020
Lewisberry, PA732,0002021
Pittston, PA (pet medical supplies)155,0002021
Belton, MO796,0002022


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