Viva historic preservation in the “True Las Vegas”

We recently spent part of a day wandering about downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico and came away very impressed by the preserved historical and cultural assets of this High Plains city. Unlike the overwhelming glitter and gaudiness found in Nevada, the “True Las Vegas” of New Mexico is filled with “landmarks, legends, and lore.” And it is obvious that the citizens of Las Vegas are very proud of their heritage. The oval-shaped historic Old Town Plaza and the beautifully cared for and restored buildings surrounding it, are just one example. Including the city’s corazon (heart), more than 900 buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Aerial view of Las Vegas’ historic Old Town Plaza – Source:

Below are a few photos of some of our favorite buildings and places seen during our first trip through the city. If you are ever traveling between Denver and Albuquerque on I-25, be sure to get off the highway and spend time visiting Las Vegas, New Mexico. We definitely plan to return very soon to spend more time wandering about this remarkable city by using the outstanding Connect Las Vegas NM mobile tour web application. Viva the True Las Vegas!

Gorgeous Plaza Hotel (1882) on the northwest side of the historic Old Town Plaza
Beautiful building at the southwest corner of the Old Town Plaza
The city’s historic Old Town Plaza looking northward
Handsome Carnegie Library (1904) – reminiscent of the Monticello east of downtown
City Museum (1940) located east of downtown
Former bank building (1880) – now occupied by school district offices at the south east corner of the plaza
Gorgeous ornate cornice at the top of the Veeder Building
Spanish influences can be seen in this building’s design and with the following photo
Plaza Drug building (1919) at the south end of Old Town Plaza
Stunning pair of Charles & Louis Ilfeld buildings (Charles -big and Louis – small)


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