Creating LA’s starlit aura – “The Mirage Factory”

What an outstanding book! Perhaps, my favorite the best city biography ever read. Author Gary Krist simply nails it with The Mirage Factory. It’s entertaining, enthralling, infuriating, and thoroughly engaging to read. You will definitely learn some amazing and eye-opening details about the creation of Tinseltown’s starlit aura.


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The Mirage Factory: Illusion, Imagination, and the Invention of Los Angeles is filled with fanciful and far-sighted visionaries, unscrupulous charlatans, racist bigots, scandalous liaisons, dirty rotten scoundrels, underhanded ner’dowells, and every vice and sin in-between. Would we expect anything less than an enormous soap opera from the ever-expanding history (and territory) of La-La Land?

Expanding LA boundaries – Source:

Whether or not you are a city planner, historian, or a fan of urban biographies and non-fiction, The Mirage Factory is an enjoyable and binge-worthy read that will catapult you back into the groundbreaking era of early movie making, explosive water wars between drought-striken regions, and bigger than life personalities both on and off the silver screen. What more could a reader ask for? Enjoy!

Nestor Studios in LA (1911) – Source:
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