A small Oregon town with a huge top-notch rodeo

source: stpaulrodeo.com

Like me, you may have never heard of St. Paul, Oregon. It is small town of approximately 475 residents located north of the state capital of Salem in Marion County. But to rodeo fans and competitors worldwide, it is home of one of America’s premiere sporting events over the 4th of July weekend and the nation’s best rodeos.

Source: stpaulrodeo.com

What is most amazing about St. Paul is that its rodeo arena has seating for 10,500 fans! That means it would take every resident of St. Paul multiplied by 22 to fill its historic rodeo arena. One only need look at the remarkable photograph above to see how much this rodeo and its associated activities means to the good people of St. Paul, Oregon.

Source: statesmanjournal.com

Begun in 1935, the rodeo will be celebrating its 86th birthday this coming July. If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest around that time, a side trip to St. Paul would be great way to celebrate the Independence Day holiday by enjoying a truly quintessential American sporting event. Peace!


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