Largest outdoor rodeo arenas in the US & Canada

Few sporting events can match a Western rodeo for enhancing the image of true Americana. Just the thought of a summer evening under the lights or a sunny afternoon watching courageous rodeo contestants compete in the dusty arena invokes a sense of awe, heritage, and pride.

Wild West Rodeo Arena in North Platte, Nebraska

Amazingly, an internet search found no comprehensive list of rodeo arenas. As a result, the list provided in this post has been compiled from an exhaustive online search and email communications. It identifies the largest outdoor rodeo arenas in the United States and Canada. Semi-enclosed (roofed without walls) and fully enclosed arenas are not included, nor are grandstands that are primarily designed for other events like horse or auto racing. A minimum 2,000 seats required for inclusion in the list.

Days of ’47 Rodeo Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah – Source:

What may be most surprising from this data is the limited number of outdoor rodeo arenas from Texas and Oklahoma that are included. This appears to be due to the fact that many of them are either semi-enclosed or enclosed versus outdoor. While this may prevent weather delays and cancellations, to this blogger, nothing can quite compare to the sights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere of an outdoor rodeo!

Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Arena, WY – Source:

Here are the states that lead in the most outdoor rodeo arenas on the list:

  • Colorado = 12
  • Utah = 11
  • California and Oregon = 8 each
  • Oklahoma and Texas = 7
  • Wyoming = 5
  • Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Washington = 4 each

It’s also noteworthy that only two (2) outdoor arenas on the list is located east of the Mississippi River.

St. Paul Rodeo Aren, Oregon – Source:

As the sport of rodeo has grown, the arenas when these spectacular events take place have grown, as well. In fact, many of these venues have become comprehensive entertainment and/or cultural/business focal points, that are active throughout much of the year, with concerts, trade shows, conventions, local events, weddings, circuses, carnivals, museums, and lodging taking place there. As a result, planning issues may include, but not be limited to dealing with mixed land uses, off-street parking, lighting, noises, landscaping, and traffic (both vehicular and foot). The recently updated master plan for Cheyenne Frontier Days (see below) addresses many of these issues:


Following the primary list provided below, are a number of other rodeo arenas that would likely be included in the primary list if the seating capacity was known. As this information becomes available, the list will be updated. Any additional information, suggestions, or corrections are most welcome to help make this list as complete as possible. Enjoy!

Proposed new Reno Rodeo Arena in Nevada – Source:
  1. Frontier Days Arena (Cheyenne, WY) = 19,000 (see images above)

2. – tie Stampede Park Grandstand (Calgary, AB) and Pendleton Round-Up Stadium (Pendleton, OR) = 17,000

4. Rodeo Salinas Arena (Salinas, CA) = 16,670

5. Proposed Reno Rodeo Arena (Reno, NV) = 15,000 (see photo just above)

6. Clovis Rodeo Arena (Clovis, CA) = 12,000

7. Tucson Rodeo Arena (Tucson, AZ) = 11,000

8. St. Paul Oregon Rodeo Stadium (St. Paul, OR) = 10,500

9. Days of ’47 Rodeo Arena (Salt Lake City, UT) = 10,240 (see photo above)

10-14. – tie Norris-Penrose Center (Colorado Springs, CO); Parsons Rodeo Stadium (Springdale, AR); C.E. Richards Rodeo Arena (Fort Madison, IA); Angola Prison Rodeo Arena (Angola, LA); and Livermore Rodeo Arena (Livermore, CA) – added 2/4/22 = 10,000

15. Independence Stampede Rodeo Arena (Greeley, CO) = 9,500

16. Top O’ Texas Rodeo Arena (Pampa, TX) = 9,300

17. Reno Rodeo Arena (Reno, NV) = 9,200

18-20. – tie Kittitas County Rodeo Arena (Ellensburg, WA); Lawton Rangers Rodeo Arena (Lawton, OK); and D & B Supply Rodeo Arena (Caldwell, ID) = 9,000

21. Spanish Fork Rodeo Arena (Spanish Fork, UT) = 8,400

22. State Fair Grandstand Rodeo Arena (Puyallup, WA) = 8,045

23-24. – tie Bud Light State Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena (Pueblo, CO) and Sidney Rodeo Arena (Sidney, IA) – added 2/11/22 = 8,000

25. Omak Stampede Rodeo Arena (Omak, WA) = 7,926

26. Santa Rosa Rodeo Grounds Arena (Vernon, TX) – added 2/5/22 = 7,700

27. State Fair Multi-Purpose Rodeo Arena (Springfield, IL) = 7,688

28. Heart of Oklahoma Expo Rodeo Arena (Shawnee, OK) = 7,500

29. Andy Ballard Rodeo Arena (Draper, UT) = 7,122

30-32. – tie Dan Russel Rodeo Arena (Folsom, CA); Lewiston Roundup Arena (Lewiston, ID) and Boulder County Fairgrounds Arena (Longmont, CO) = 7,000

33. Stampede Park Rodeo Arena (Cody, WY) = 6,700

34. Preston Rodeo Arena (Preston, UT) = 6,443

35-40. – tie Central States Fair Rodeo Arena (Rapid City, SD); Flint Hills Rodeo Arena (Strong City, KS); Grant County Rodeo Arena (Moses Lake, WA); Oakley Rodeo Arena (Oakley, UT); and Sheridan Rodeo Arena (Sheridan, WY); West Jordan Rodeo Arena (West Jordan, UT) = 6,000

41. Sisters Rodeo Arena (Sisters, OR) = 5,700

42. Spooner Rodeo Arena (Spooner, WI) = 5,600

43. Agriterra Rodeo Stadium (Strathmore, AB) = 5,500

44. Wild West Rodeo Arena (North Platte, NE) = 5,300 (see photo near the top of the post)

45. Central Wyoming Rodeo Arena (Casper, WY) = 5,200

46. Rodeo Arena (Longview, TX) = 5,060

47-58. – tie Prescott Rodeo Arena (Prescott, AZ); Cache County Outdoor Arena (Logan, UT); Tehachapi Rodeo Arena (Tehachapi, CA); Medicine Hat Stampede Grandstand (Medicine Hat, AB); Red Rock Rodeo Arena (Gallup, NM); Horsemans Sports Rodeo Arena (Mitchell, SD); Lakeside Rodeo Arena (Lakeside, CA); Harley Tucker Rodeo Arena (Joseph, OR); Days of ’76 Rodeo Arena – added 2/5/22 (Deadwood, SD); Pauls Valley Round Up Club Arena (Pauls Valley, OK); Redding Rodeo Grounds Arena – added 2/5/22 (Redding, CA); and Phillipsburg Rodeo Arena (Phillipsburg, KS) – added 2/9/22 = 5,000

59. Last Chance Stampede Rodeo Arena (Helena, MT) = 4,600

60. Golden Spike Rodeo Arena (Ogden, UT) = 4,576

61. Brent Romick Rodeo Arena (Steamboat Springs, CO) = 4,550

62-63.- tie Hermiston Rodeo Arena (Hermiston, OR) and Rodeo de Santa Fe Arena (Santa Fe, NM) – added 3/16/22 = 4,500

64. Logan County Rodeo Arena (Sterling, CO) = 4,460

65-66. Shouse Rodeo Arena (Filer, ID) and Dixie Sun Bowl (St. George, UT) = 4,200

67-73.- tie Harrington Rodeo Arena (Butte, MT) and Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arenaunder construction (Mandan, ND); Clackamas County Rodeo Arena (Canby, OR); Deschutes County Rodeo Arena (Redmond, OR); Outdoor Roping Arena (San Angelo, TX); Black Hills Roundup Rodeo Arena (Belle Fourche, SD); and McIver Rodeo Arena – added 2/5/22 (Truckee, CA) = 4,000

74. Buffalo Rodeo Arena (Buffalo, MN) = 3,800

75. Kern County Rodeo Grandstand (Bakersfield, CA) = 3,60

76-78. – tie Jefferson County Rodeo Arena (Golden, CO); Payson Rodeo Arena (Payson, AZ); and Walker County Rodeo Arena (Huntsville, TX) = 3,500

79-83. – tie Grandstands Rodeo Arena (Grand Junction, CO); Lehi Rodeo Grounds Arena (Lehi, UT); Morningside Park Rodeo Arena (Gillette, WY); West Jordan Rodeo Arena (West Jordan UT) – added 2/4/22; and Sevier County Rodeo Arena (Richfield, UT) = 3,000

84. Fergus County Fairground Grandstand Rodeo Arena (Lewistown, MT) = 2,968

85. Prineville Rodeo Arena (Prineville, OR) = 2,874

86. Douglas County Rodeo Arena (Castle Rock, CO) = 2,801

87. Denton County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena (Denton, TX) = 2,750

88. Adams County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena (Hastings, NE) = 2,700

89. Gem State Stampede Arena (Coeur d’Alene, ID) = 2,600

90-93. – tie Alamosa Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena (Alamosa, CO); Three Forks Rodeo Arena (Belgrade, MT); Oskie Rice Rodeo Arena (Maui, HI); Washington County Rodeo Arena (Brenham, TX) – added 3/3/22 = 2,500

94. Teton County Rodeo Arena (Jackson Hole, WY) = 2,400

95-96. – tie Leighton Rodeo Arena (Winnemucca, NV) and Grady County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena (Chickasha, OK) = 2,300

97. Stampede Rodeo Arena (Elizabeth, CO) = 2,200

98-100. Rooftop Rodeo Arena (Estes Park, CO); Carl Benne Arena (Edmund, OK) – added 2/4/22; and Sycamore Springs Outdoor Rodeo Arena (Locust Grove, OK) – added 2/3/22 = 2,000

Pendleton Roundup Stadium Layout – Source:

Others which likely qualify (seating capacity unknown):

  • Averill Rodeo Arena (Tillamook, OR)
  • Burwell Rodeo Arena (Burwell, NE)
  • Clearwater Rodeo Arena (Clearwater, MN)
  • Crystal Beach Rodeo Arena (Woodward, OK) – added 3/16/22
  • Dodge City Rodeo Arena (Dodge City, KS)
  • Eagle Rodeo Arena (Eagle, ID)
  • Howard County Rodeo Bowl (Big Spring, TX)
  • Inter-State Fair Rodeo Arena (Coffeyville, KS) – added 3/16/22
  • Iron Ranger Rodeo Arena (Cedar City, UT)
  • Kernville Rodeo Grounds (Kernville, CA)
  • Lewis-Cooper Rodeo Arena (Portales, NM)
  • Old Timers Rodeo Arena (Lander, WY)
  • Riding Club Arena (Durant, OK)
  • Riverton Rodeo Arena (Riverton, UT)
  • Sikeston Rodeo Arena (Sikeston, MO)

Those arenas shown on the list(s) above in italics, the author has visited in person.


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