Cities pronounced the same, but spelled differently

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The following list identifies cities and towns whose names are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently. Any additions, suggestions, or corrections, are most welcome. Enjoy!

Ashville, OH <-> Asheville, NC

Baalbek, Lebanon <-> Balbec, IN – Thank you, Dan!

Bellville, TX <-> Belleville, ON; IL, MI, and NJ

Berkley, CO and MI <-> Berkeley, CA

Bern, Switzerland <-> Berne, IN

Beverly, MA or Beverly (Hills), CA <-> Beverley, England, UK

Canyon, TX <-> Canon City, CO (pronounced canyon with a tilde above the middle “n”)

Centreville, AL <-> Centerville, OH or IN

Cheboygan, MI <-> Sheboygan, WI

Cheyenne, WY <-> Sheyenne, ND

Clare, MI <-> (Le) Claire, IA or (Eau) Claire, WI

Edinburg, TX <-> Edinburgh, Scotland, UK or Edinburgh, IN

Forest City, NC <-> Forrest City, AR

Greenville, SC or NC <-> Greeneville, TN – added 5/23/22

Haarlem, Netherlands <-> Harlem, GA – Thank you, Dan!

Hannover, Germany <-> Hanover, PA – Thank you, Dan!

Hardin, MY <-> Harden (City), MO

Haslett, MI <-> Haslet, TX

Holladay, UT <-> Holiday (City), OH

Huston, ID <-> Houston, TX

Jonesboro, IN or AR <-> Jonesborough, TN

Kabul, Afghanistan <-> Cabool, MO – Thank you, Dan!

Kalmar, Sweden <-> Calmar, IA – Thank you, Dan!

Karlsborg, Sweden <-> Carlsborg, WA – Thank you, Dan!

Leiden, Netherlands <-> Leyden, NY – Thank you, Dan!

Lewisville, TX <-> Louisville, CO

Limon, Co <-> Lyman, SC

Lindsay, ON <-> Lindsey, OH

Loreto, Italy <-> Loretto, PA – Thank you, Dan!

Lübeck, Germany <-> Lubec, ME – Thank you, Dan!

Mackinac (Island), MI <-> Mackinaw (City), MI

Malden, MA <-> Mauldin, SC

Mannheim, Germany <-> Manheim, PA – Thank you, Dan!

Marlborough, MA <-> (Upper) Marlboro, MD

Medina, Saudi Arabia or OH <-> Medinah, IL

Melville, Australia <-> Mehlville, MO

Middleburg, VA <-> Middleburgh, NY

Milwaukee, WI <-> Milwaukie, OR

Moncton, NB <-> Monkton, MD – Thank you, Dan!

Monterrey, Mexico <-> Monterey, CA – Thank you, Dan!

Montpellier, France <-> Montpelier, VT – Thank you, Dan!

Morehead, KY or Morehead (City), NC <-> Moorhead, MN

Napanee, ON <-> Nappanee, IN

Newberg, OR <-> Newburgh, IN or Newburgh, NY

Owosso, MI <-> Owasso, OK

Paris, France, IL, and TX <-> Perris, CA

Phoenix, AZ <-> Phenix (City), AL

Pierceton, IN <-> Pearceton, QC

Pittsburg, CA and KS <-> Pittsburgh, PA

Reading, PA and UK <-> Redding, CA

Savanna, IL <-> Savannah, GA

Sidney, OH <-> Sydney, Australia

Somerville, MA <-> Summerville, SC

Stanton, CA <-> Staunton, VA – yes, it is pronouced that way

Stirling, Scotland, UK <-> Sterling, CO

Strasbourg, France <-> Strasburg, PA – Thank you, Dan!

Uppsala, Sweden <-> Upsala, MN – Thank you, Dan!

Wenonah, NJ <-> Winona, MN or MS

Westboro, MO <-> Westborough, MA

Wooster, OH <-> Worcester, MA


  • Personal knowledge
  • 2021 Rand McNally Road Atlas
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5 Responses to Cities pronounced the same, but spelled differently

  1. Dan Tilque says:


    Allegany NY Allegheny Township PA (6 of them in different counties)
    Baalbek, Lebanon Balbec IN
    Freistadt, Austria Freistatt MO
    Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany Hanover PA
    Haarlem, Netherlands Harlem NY
    Kabul, Afghanistan Cabool MO
    Kalmar, Sweden Calmar IA
    Karlsborg, Sweden Carlsborg WA
    Leiden, Netherlands Leyden NY
    Loreto, Ancona, Italy Loretto PA
    Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Lubec ME
    Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Manheim, PA
    Moncton NB Monkton MD
    Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico Monterey CA
    Montpellier, France Montpelier VT
    Strasbourg, France Strasburg PA
    Uppsala, Sweden Upsala MN

    Note: all of these except for Allegany/Allegheny came from a list I compiled for Wikipedia:
    There are likely more on that list, but I only had so much time I wanted to spend on this.


  2. Julie gaines says:

    Medina, Texas & Medina, Ohio (prounced Medena, Texas and Mideyena, Ohio)


  3. “Mackinaw” is a spelling of the incorrect pronunciation of “Mackinac.” The final consonant is in fact a “k” derived from the original indigenous name. The name as we know it began with a French transliteration, in which the final “k” sound was correctly written with a “c.” Many Americans have seen the French word “sac” and pronounce it correctly – with the “c” having the “k” sound. I don’t know what happened to end up with anglophones creating the “Mackinaw” mispronunciation.

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