“Slow Horses” – a brilliant new spy series

Source: tvline.com

AppleTV has released yet another winner. Slow Horses, based on the book of the same name by author Mick Herron, was released in late April. The six-episode first season is a monumental triumph filled with great acting, superb writing, and a plethora of intriguing twists and turns.

Given that the show stars the likes of Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Jonathan Pryce, and Jack Lowden, it’s hard to imagine a better cast. Throw in a theme song by Mick Jagger and you’ve got a very special program.

Source: spywrite.com

Oldman is outstanding as Jackson Lamb, a disheveled, aging spy assigned to oversee a bunch of misfits who have been assigned to the backwaters of British espionage at Slough House. Somehow, Lamb finds a way to loosely manage the facility in between his farts, burps, and snarky remarks.

Kristin Scott Thomas is devilish and conniving in her role as Diana Taverner – second in command of MI5.

Source: deadline.com

Meanwhile, Jack Lowden, in the role of River Cartright, could easily become a future James Bond (on film too). He’s got the looks, skills, and espionage pedigree – Jonathan Pryce plays his grandfather, a retired MI5 official. But Cartright finds himself stationed at Slough House due to underhanded back-stabbing and skullduggery by others.

Source: 25yearslater.com

My only gripe about the show is it doesn’t need to depict some of the gore – not that there’s a lot of it. The writers and director can get the point across with having to being be quite as blunt. Maybe, I’m just old school, but the perception of what happens can be just as chilling as actually depicting it. Alfred Hitchcock was a master at this.

Suffice it to say that Slow Horses is a brilliant addition to streaming. The second season is due to be released later this year and the show has already been approved for seasons 3 and 4. With Better Call Saul about to conclude, I for one cannot wait to see what future intrigue and plots twists await us from this exciting and entertaining espionage series. Expect a lot of Emmy award’s coming its way.


If you enjoy espionage stories, here are links to the first two books from the Mick Herron’s Slow Horses series available through Amazon.com*.

link – Slow Horses
link – Dead Lions

*A small commission is earned from purchases that are made using the above links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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