Collegiate carport solar energy production in the USA

Rutgers University solar carports – Source:

Below are more than 75 colleges and universities in the United States that have installed solar carports on campus, along with information available on them via the internet. Data includes the school, location, megawatts, year completed, and number of spaces/acreage occupied by the solar carports. The earliest example of a solar carport on a college campus comes from Fresno State in 2007. The 11 largest solar carport installations are:

  1. Michigan State University (MI) = 10.5 MW on a single campus
  2. Rutgers University (NJ) = 8.8 MW on single campus
  3. Ventura Community College (CA) = 8.0 MW spread over three campuses
  4. Chaffey College (CA) = 5.5 MW spread over two campuses
  5. Community College of Baltimore County (MD) = 5.2 MW spread over three campuses
  6. University of California/Merced (CA) = 5.1 MW on a single campus
  7. California State University/Long Beach (CA) = 4.8 MW on a single campus
  8. University of Massachusetts (MA) = 4.4 MW on its main campus
  9. California State University/Riverside (CA) = 4.3 MW on a single campus
  10. College of the Desert (CA) = 3.8 MW on a single campus
  11. Bristol Community College (MA) = 3.2 MW on a single campus

Probably the most surprising details are the lack of or limited number of solar carport installations in states with abundant sunshine and that less than half the states are represented on the list. However, those tidbits do not mean that schools not shown do lack solar energy production on campus, it just means they have not employed solar carports as a resource for solar power. In addition, it is likely that this list does not detail every example across the country. Please feel free to forward any additions, corrections, or suggestions.

Solar carport plan for Lot R-6 at Clemson University – Source:

Albertus Magnus College: New Haven, CT = 0.8 MW from solar carport (2018)

Anne Arundel Community College: Arnold, MD = 0.75 MW from solar carports (2011)

Arizona State University: Tempe, AZ = 2.1 MW from Lot 59 solar carports over 800 spaces on 5.25 acres (2011)

Bakersfield College: Bakersfield, CA = 1.1 MW solar carports over 3.1 acres (2010)

Bethel University: North Newton, KS = solar carport over 16 spaces (2020)

Bowie State University: Bowie, MD = 1.2 MW solar carports (2020)

Bridgewater State University: Bridgewater, MA = solar carports in Tower Lot (2020)

Brigham Young University: Oahu, HI – five solar carports (2022)

Bristol Community College: Fall River, MA = 3.2 MW from solar carports over 320 space on 5 acres (2014)

Butte College: Oroville, CA = 0.55 MW solar carports (2009)

California Polytechnic University: Pomona, CA = 0.77 MW from solar carports atop parking garage

California State University: Long Beach, CA = 4.8 MW from solar carports on Lots 7 and 14 (2017)

California State University: Riverside, CA = 4.3 MW from solar carports over 2,450 spaces (2017)

Catholic University: Washington, DC = solar carports at O’Boyle Hall lot

Chaffey College: Fontana and Chino, CA = 5.5 MW at carports on campuses (2019)

Citrus College: Glendora, CA = 0.6 MW from solar carports (2020)

Clemson University: Clemson, SC = 1.0+ MW from solar carports over the R-3 and R-6 parking lot (2018/2021)

College of New Jersey: Trenton, NJ = solar carports on Lots 4 and 5 (2022)

College of the Desert: Palm Desert, CA = 3.8 MW from solar carports

Community College of Baltimore County: Catonsville, Dundalk, and Essex, MD = 5.2 MW from solar carports over 1,400 space on 11 lots at three campuses (2015)

Delaware Technical Community College: Wilmington, DE = 0.2 MW solar carport (2014)

Duke University: Durham, NC = 1.3 MW from solar carports atop Research Drive parking garage (2018)

Endicott College: Beverly, MA = 1.0 MW solar carport (2009)

Farmingdale State College: Long Island, NY = solar carport in Lot 5 over 20 spaces (2022)

Florida International University: Miami, FL = 1.4 MW solar carport over 400 spaces (2016)

Fresno City College: Fresno, CA = solar carports over Lots B, C, and D (2019)

Fresno State University: Fresno, CA = 1.1 MW from solar carports over 700 spaces (2007)

Gavilan College: San Jose, CA = 1.4 MW from solar carports over two lots (2017)

Harvey Mudd College: Claremont, CA = solar carport (2021)

Kapiʻolani Community College: Honolulu, HI = 1.7 MW solar carport (2021)

Kauaʻi Community College: Puhi, HI – <0.1 MW small solar carport over four spaces (2019)

Leeward Community College: Pearl City, HI – 1.7 MW solar carports (2020)

Long Beach City College: Long Beach, CA = 0.4 MW solar carports atop parking garage (2011)

Manhattanville College: Purchase, NY = 1.1 MW from solar carports

Michigan State University: East Lansing, MI = 10.5 MW from solar carports over 5,000 spaces on 45 acres (2017)

New York Institute of Technology: Central Islip, NY = solar carports (2009)

Ramapo College: Mahwah, NJ = solar carports (2019)

Richard Stockton University: Galloway NJ = 0.8 MW from solar carports over 600 spaces (2009)

Roxbury Community College: Boston, MA = 0.94 MW from solar carports over 300 spaces (2016)

Rutgers University: New Brunswick, NJ = 8.8 MW from solar carports on 32 acres

Salisbury University: Salisbury, MD = 0.54 MW from solar carports in Lot H (2017)

Salt Lake Community College: Taylorsville, UT = solar carport (2021)

San Francisco State University: Tiburon, CA = solar carport at its marine laboratory

Santa Rosa Junior College: Santa Rosa and Petaluma, CA = 2.4 MW from solar carports (2019)

Shasta College: Redding, CA = 1.6 MW from solar carport (2018)

Sierra College: Rocklin, CA = 2.0 MW from solar carports over 600 spaces (2018)

Solano Community College: Fairfield, Vallejo, and Vacaville, CA – solar carports

Southeastern Community College: West Burlington, IA – approx. 0.4 MW from solar carports (2019)

Southern Connecticut State University: New Haven, CT – solar carports in Lot 9

Stonehill College: Easton, MA = 2.8 MW from solar carports (2012)

Sussex County Community College: Newton, NJ = 0.8 MW from solar carports

Swarthmore College: Swarthmore, PA – small solar carport (2015)

Towson University: Towson, MD – solar carports on parking garage (2016)

Tufts University: Medford, MA = solar carports over six spaces in Cohen Lot (2021)

University of California: Berkeley, CA (2021) = 0.7 MW from solar carports

University of California: Davis, CA – solar carport in Lot 1

University of California: Merced, CA = 5.1 MW from solar carports on 5.9 acres of the North Bowl parking area (2018)

University of California: Santa Cruz, CA = 2.0 MW from solar carports (2019)

University of California: San Diego, CA = rooftop solar carports on two garages (2008)

University of Central Florida: Orlando, FL = small solar carport over four spaces (2010)

University of Colorado: Boulder, CO = 0.1 MW from solar carport (2009)

University of Hawaii: Maui, HI = 0.57 MW solar carports

University of Maryland: Shady Grove, MD = 0.25 MW from solar carports atop parking garage (2020)

University of Massachusetts: Amherst, MA = 4.4 MW from solar carports at 12 sites

University of Minnesota: St. Paul, MN = Lot S104 solar carport (2020)

University of the Pacific: Stockton, CA = 5.3 MW from solar carports (2021)

University of Utah: Salt Lake City, UT = 0.1 MW from solar carports over 40 spaces (2016)

Ventura Community College: Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura, CA = 8.0 MW from solar carports on the three campuses (2020)

Weber State University: Ogden, UT = 0.55 MW solar carports over the W10 lot (2021)

Washington University: St. Louis, MO – small solar carport

West Valley-Mission Community College: San Jose, CA = 2.2 MW from solar carports (2011)

West Virginia Wesleyan: Buckhannon, WV = solar carport

Windward Community College: Oahu, HI – 1.4 MW solar carports over 250 spaces

Winona State University: Winona, MN: four solar carports on campus (2022)

Yuba College: Marysville, CA = 1.0 MW from solar carports (2019)

Leeward Community college solar carports – Source:


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