Ghost town images from Cuervo, NM

During our move to New Mexico over the past week, we briefly stopped in the ghost town of Cuervo, New Mexico. The remains of the town rest along both sides of I-40. However, the most interesting structures can be found on the south side of the freeway. The ghost town can be easily reached by taking exit 291.

Junked sedan

Due to easy access from/to I-40, this retired planner believes that Cuervo (raven) presents an exciting opportunity for the State of New Mexico and conservation groups to preserve and protect it’s remains for tourists, photographers, and history buffs to visit. A few parking areas, directional and interpretive signage, and a visitors center would all be beneficial and help provide some economic impetus to the surrounding region. Enjoy the photo montage. Peace.

Home on the range
A place to pray
Vacant stone building
One pillar up and one pillar down
Ghost town blues
Schoolhouse entry
Cuervo sign
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