25 Largest American core cities without a limited access beltway or bypass

The list below is based on 2020 Census data and includes cities without a limited access bypass freeway or a limited access beltway. Several of the cities identified below have one or the other type of bypass scheduled in future transportation plans, but the project has not been started, funded, or has been nominally built. Albuquerque, Tucson, and Montgomery are examples.

Albuquerque without a limited access beltway or bypass – Source: gisgeography.com

Those cities with bypasses or beltways that are under construction or progressing towards completion are NOT included in this list. Examples include Laredo and Amarillo in Texas and Montgomery, Alabama. Furthermore, if a city has a freeway that skirts the city, that is considered a bypass for this post, because it avoids the downtown area altogether. Examples include Gainesville and Tallahassee, Florida; Clarksville, Tennessee; Fargo, North Dakota; and Salem, Oregon.

Bypass that skirts a city – Source: florida-back-roads.com

One interesting note – only four of the 25 cities are located east of the Mississippi River. Given the rapid growth in the western half of the United States since WWII, some of these cities have likely grown faster than their transportation infrastructure. Others may have decided to forgo such an expensive transportation project. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions to this post are most welcome. Peace!

  1. Albuquerque, NM = 564,559
  2. Tucson, AZ = 542,629
  3. Fresno, CA = 542,107
  4. Colorado Springs, CO = 478,961
  5. Bakersfield, CA = 403,455
  6. Anchorage, AK = 291,247
  7. Spokane, WA = 228,989
  8. Baton Rouge, LA = 227,470
  9. Modesto, CA = 218,464
  10. Montgomery, AL = 199,054
  11. Santa Rosa, CA = 178,127
  12. Salinas, CA = 163,542
  13. McAllen, TX = 142,210
  14. Rochester, MN = 121,395
  15. Provo, UT = 115,162
  16. Waterbury, CT = 114,403
  17. Pueblo, CO = 111,876
  18. Ventura, CA = 110,763
  19. Santa Maria, CA = 109,707
  20. Wichita Falls, TX = 102,316
  21. Chico, CA = 101,475
  22. New Bedford, MA = 101,079
  23. Nampa, ID = 100,200
  24. Bend, OR = 99,178
  25. Lawton, OK = 93,535
Tucson without a limited access beltway or bypass – Source: emol.org


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