Monikers/nicknames for film and movie-making hubs


The allure of stardom not only applies to those in acting, but also the geographic locations where movie magic is made. The following list identifies those places around the globe where film/movie-making has been significant enough for the city/region/nation to adopt (or be assigned) its own persona as a film hub.


Any additions, corrections, or suggestions regarding the list provided are most welcome. Among the filming places where a moniker/nickname has not been identified to date, include: Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Russia; Pittsburgh, PA; Seattle, WA; Nashville and Memphis, TN; and potentially other locations.

Animewood – Japan

Aussiewood – Australia

Bhojiwood – Bihar, India

Bogotawood – Bogota, Colombia

Bollywood – Mumbai, India

Borehamwood – Britain

Borikwood – Puerto Rico

Cantonwood – Hing Kong, China

Chhollywood – Chhattisgarh, India

Cinema City – Ouarzazate, Morocco

Coastalwood – Tulunad region, India

Dhallywood – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Etyekwood – Etyek, Hungary

Follywood – Sri Lanka

Gaulywood – France

Ghollywood – Ghana

Gollywood – Gujarat, India

Gorliwood – Gorlitz, Germany

Hallyuwood – South Korea

Hillywood – Rwanda

Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Beach – St. Petersburg, FL

Hollywood East – Orlando, FL or Boston, MA

Hollywood North – Canada (primarily Vancouver and Toronto)

Hollywood of the East – Qingdao, China

Hollywood of India – Mumbai, India

Hollywood of the MENA Region – Cairo, Egypt

Hollywood of the Midwest – Chicago, IL

Hollywood of the South- Atlanta, GA

Hollywood on the Prairie – Oklahoma

Hollywood on the Tiber – Rome, Italy

Hollywood South – New Orleans, LA

Hub of Malayalam Film Industry – Kochi, India

Jollywood – Lahore, Pakistan

Kaliwood – Kathmandu, Nepal

Kannywood – Kano, Nigeria

Karewood – Yobe, Nigeria

Kariwood – Karachi, Pakistan

Kollywood – Chennai, India

La-La Land – Los Angeles, CA

Mexiwood – Mexico

Mollywood – Kerala, India or Utah

Movie Metropolis of the East – Qingdao, China

Movietown – Detroit, MI

Nollywood – Lagos, Nigeria

Olivewood – Cyprus

Ollywood – Odisha, India

Oriental Movie Metropolis – Qingdao, China

Peruliwood – Peru

Pinewood – Buckinghamshire, England

Pollywood – Punjab, India

Riverwood – Kenya

Sambawood – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sandalwood – Karnataka, India

Sollywood – Sierra Leone or South Africa

Somaliwood – Columbus, OH

Swahiliwood – Tanzania

Taiwood – Taiwan

Tamalewood – Albuquerque and New Mexico

The Media City – New York City, NY

The Movie-Making City – New York City, NY

Tinseltown – Los Angeles, CA

Tollywood – Tollygunge, India

Trollywood – Trollhättan, Sweden

Ugawood – Uganda

Wellywood – Wellington, New Zealand

Y’allywood – Georgia, USA

Zambiwood – Zambia

Zollyuwood – Zimbabwe



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  1. Hollywood actually began in Illinois. Here’s an excerpt from the story: “The real story behind the name is actually all about savvy marketing. Back in 1886, Harvey Henderson Wilcox and his wife Daeida purchased 120 acres of farmland and fruit tree groves near the Cahuenga Pass. His money making scheme was to divide up the land and sell the lots for a profit. A year later, Daeida met a passenger on a train ride who had an estate named Hollywood back in Illinois. She liked the name and thought it would be a wonderful fit for her and her husband’s new business venture. Thus Hollywood as we know it today was born.”

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