“Place” as defined by the graphic artist “Tetsuro”

“1:54 a.m.”

Currently on exhibit at 516 Arts in downtown Albuquerque are a collection of amazing photographs taken by Nathaniel Tetsuro Paolinelli. Known on social media by the name of “Tetsuro,” his defining images of place depict the spirited residents of downtown Albuquerque and the vibrant street culture of the inner city.

“Sunday Afternoon” – my personal favorite

Though signs of change are taking place around the periphery of downtown in locations like Old Town and the Sawmill Market, parts of city core still retain the grit of urbanity. Nathaniel Tetsuro Paolinelli depicts the unique distinctiveness of inner Albuquerque and the personal expressiveness of its citizens through his lens.


While the showing is entitled “Downtown,” the curator’s subtitle of “Portraits of Place” in the accompanying brochure seems much truer to the intent of the images displayed. This is because the photographs focus on the dynamic aspects of central Albuquerque which may be seldom seen by the average Burquen (A resident of ABQ)…and placemaking involves more than slogans, branding, and promotional brochures. Without the people who occupy a particular community, there is no place!

“Lost Soul”

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as we did viewing them in person, though our cell-phone photos cannot begin to portray the quality and depth of Tetsuro’s work using his Leica camera. If you get the chance, please stop by 516 Arts to see his amazing works for yourself. Admission is free. Peace!

“Desert Sands”
“Our Lady of Guadalupe”
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