Add “The Planning Commission” podcast to your agenda

The planning world has officially joined the 21st century, as three planning professionals have recently debuted an informative and fun podcast called The Planning Commission. The podcast is hosted by by Chris Danley; Jessica Smith, AICP; and Donald Kostelec.


As of the publication of this post, nine (9) episodes have been released, ranging in topics from first planning jobs — to dealing with obnoxious members of the public — to broken zoning codes — to public participation. Each episode includes a lively and entertaining dialogue among the planners, some whiskey pairings with the episode topic (who doesn’t like that!), and a special guest who adds insightful and informative thoughts on the subject matter at hand. Some of the podcasts are so interesting that one wishes they could have been extended beyond the standard 30-60 minutes. Younger planners and planning students should find The Planning Commission particularly useful, as a way to gain a better understanding of the profession beyond what’s typically taught in school.

Throw all this in with real world planning tidbits from the hosts along with some light-hearted hilarity to which anyone who has been planner can relate and you have a recipe for a dandy addition to the airwaves? digital universe? video world? all of the above? There hasn’t been an episode heard yet (five so far), where this retired planner didn’t laugh out loud.

The references to situations we planners all have experienced and the terms the hosts use to describe them are especially enjoyable. For example — “frequent flyers” for those who people show up and comment at every meeting. And, if any of the hosts mistakenly use an acronym during the podcast, a gong will sound loudly as punishment for employing “plannerspeak.”

If you are a professional planner, work in a closely related field, are a planning student, a planner wannabe, or just love city topics, you will enjoy this podcast and get hooked very quickly. So, be sure to amend your weekly agenda to add The Planning Commission. It’s certain to receive an unanimous vote in favor from all those in attendance.


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