Cities and towns that have gone to the dogs: Ruff-ruff!

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Below is a list of those populated places (current and former) in North America that include “dog” or its equivalent in their name. Maine seems to be the leader of places named dog with four (4) listed. As alway, any additions, corrections, or suggestions are most welcome. Enjoy!

  • Cape Dog, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Dog Bluff, South Carolina
  • Dog Bluff Landing, South Carolina
  • Dog Canyon Estates, New Mexico
  • Dog Corner, Maine
  • Dog Corners, Maine
  • Dog Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Dog Creek, British Columbia (3)
  • Dog Creek, Manitoba
  • Dog Creek, Oklahoma
  • Dog Crossing, Georgia
  • Dogfish Village, Alaska
  • Dog Hill, Tennessee
  • Dog Island Corner, Maine
  • Dog Patch, West Virginia
  • Dog Ridge, Texas (ghost town)
  • Dog River, Ontario (ghost town)
  • Dogtown, Alabama
  • Dog Town, Maine
  • Dogtown, Tennessee
  • Dog Town, Tennessee (ghost town)
  • Dog Trot, Kentucky (ghost town)
  • Dog Walk, Illinois
  • Hound Run, South Carolina
  • Los Perros (The Dogs), Cuba
  • Los Perros, Honduras
  • Los Perros, Mexico (3)
  • Los Perros, Puerto Rico
  • Prairie du Chien (Dog’s Meadow), Wisconsin
  • Red Dog, California
  • Red Dog Mine, Alaska
  • Yellow Dog, Idaho (ghost town)
  • Yellow Dog Road, Kentucky

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