Cleverly cultivated cannabis shop names


The following list identifies those existing cannabis shop names that are catchy and clever from a business branding, marketing, and advertising standpoint. Of these, my selections for the best five names are the following:

  1. Cannabliss (or blyss)

2. Karmaceuticals

3. Atomic Budz

4. Grateful Meds

5. The Reefinery

While doing the research for this post, the most common terms found in cannabis shop names tend to include variations of “high”, “buds(z)”, “canna”, “field(s)”, “flower”, “weed”, “leaf”, “med”, “zen”, “grass” or “sky.” Please feel free to pass along any other existing cannabis shop names you might think are good. Peace!

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A Quaint Joint – cute


Atomic Budz – I like this one – best logo too

Bee Highve

Best Daze

Bud Buffet

Bud Hut

Buds4u – does Anheuser-Busch knows about this?

Cannabliss – awesome name!

Cannablyss – awesome name too, with just a slight variation!

Cloud Cannabis

Dank of America – nice play on the bank name


Emerald Fields


Eureka Sky

Field of Dreams


Flower Power Botanicals

Flower to the People

Ganja Goddess

Ganja Gourmet

Good Chemistry

Grateful Med(s) – nice play in the Grateful Dead

Higher Elevation

Hi Fidelity – would like this better if it was High Fidelity

High Life Medic

Higher Love

High Plainz Strains

High Q

High Society

Hippy Trip

Hollyweed – catchy name from California

Karmaceuticals – well done!

Lucy Sky

Lume – Latin for “light”


MedMen – nice play on Madmen, but leaves out the ladies

Mile High – from Colorado, of course

One Hit Wonder – cute

Pipe Dreams – well done, though doesn’t account for alternatives like gummies





The Farmacy – nice play on words

The Flower Bowl

The Grass Station – ain’t no gas here

The Growcery – another nice play on words

The Happy Camper

The Peace Pipe


The Reefinery – nice play on words


The ReLeaf Center



Zen Leaf



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