New “Austin Towers” will soon be spying over Texas

For multiple decades the tallest building in Texas has been located in either Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. That fact is about to change, as the booming state capital of Austin will soon takeover this vertical leadership role in the Lone Star State.

Austin skyline in the 1980s compared to 2021 – Sources: (left) and (right)

Austin’s skyline has been steadily rising over the past several decades (shown above), as it has been literally undergoing a transformative vertical boom. Skyscrapers of all shapes and sizes have been seemingly popping up overnight. Now, two (2) skyscrapers will be extending the city’s skyline over the 1,000 foot supertall threshold, while also passing the state’s current tallest building; the 1,002 foot high J.P. Morgan Chase Tower in Houston. These two towers, Wilson Tower and Waterline are shown in the images below.

Announced on 11/14/22: 1,035 foot, 80 story Wilson Tower (shown above) – Source:

Under construction: 1,022 feet, 74 story Waterline to be completed 2026 (shown above) – Source:

From a community planning perspective, how the enormous physical changes continuing to take place throughout Metropolitan Austin will impact the city’s distinctive persona is a tough question. To maintain Austin’s unique character (and attributes) amidst a sea of bulldozers and construction cranes can be very difficult. Booming development especially has negative affects on long-term residents, minorities, and the disadvantaged due to increasing property values, higher cost of living, gentrification, and redevelopment pressure. Whether reshaping Austin will include the less fortunate and protect those unique features that made Austin such an intriguing city in the first place, remains to be seen. If past history from other burgeoning cities is any kind of a guide, it is probably already too late for some of the people, neighborhoods, and small businesses who helped make Austin so desirable and enjoyable prior to the current boom….and that is unfortunate.

Just how long this “Dubai-like” vertical rush will continue in and around downtown Austin is anybody’s guess. For the time being, the sky’s the limit, as these two “Austin Towers” will soon be spying over everything locally…and across the state. Let’s hope they will oversee a diverse and inclusive community that is flourishing equally for all.




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