Canada’s next supergroup – A Short Walk to Pluto


Every once in awhile you hear music from a performer that is so good, so talented, and so captivating, that you know if the stars align and everything goes right, they will go far in the industry and will become a huge factor in rock. It was that way with The Beatles, The Eagles, U2, Weezer, Radiohead, Wolf Alice, and many more. Now, along comes a band from Ontario, Canada whose talents seem as limitless as the solar system and who have one of the more catchy bandnames in recent rock history – A Short Walk to Pluto.

Fronted by Emma Armstrong’s gorgeous sweeping vocals, the band incorporates amazing lead guitars by Max Kaiser, first-rate bass guitar and backing vocals by Danny Moriana, and terrific drum beats by Jake Biggs.

As of today, the band has posted quite a few covers on YouTube, some of which could be regarded as good as the original – “You Oughta Know” and Synchronicity II in particular. Meanwhile, the band has also released a number of self-written tracks, including standouts like the following:

Harder to Breathe” – Wowza, the vocals in the first half and guitars in second are amazing!

“You Are Not the Only One”

Yorkleigh” – Hello Rush. We can hear your influence echoing throughout this song!

“Give Me Grace”

“The Flood”

“Mary’s Paper Boat”

Their first EP came out in 2022 and they are currently working on their first full-length album. Given these performances and likely ones to come out soon, the band may need to change their name to A Short Walk to Stardom! Peace!

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