Majestic “mesa” cities and towns around the globe

Mesa, AZ – Source:

Below is a list of those communities named for mesas. The largest of these in population by a large margin is Mesa, Arizona – a suburb of Phoenix with a population of more than 523,000 residents. Ten nations and 12 American states are represented on the list. As always, any additions, suggestions, or corrections are most welcome. Peace!

Grand Mesa, Colorado – Source:
  • Alta Mesa, CA, USA
  • Apache Mesa, CO, USA
  • Baldy Mesa, CA, USA
  • Battlement Mesa, CO, USA
  • Castle Canyon Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Coal Mine Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Costa Mesa, CA, USA
  • Crouch Mesa, NM, USA
  • East Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Falcon Mesa, TX, USA
  • First Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Flat Iron Mesa, UT, USA
  • Glacier Mesa, UT, USA
  • Golden Mesa, CA, USA
  • Grand Mesa, CO, USA
  • Granite Mesa, UT, USA
  • Herzman Mesa, CO, USA
  • Horse Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Hy-Mesa, UT, USA
  • Kinneola Mesa, CA, USA
  • Knoell Mesa, AZ, USA
  • La Donna Mesa, UT, USA
  • La Mesa, CA, USA 
  • La Mesa, Colombia
  • La Mesa, Durango, Mexico
  • La Mesa, Guerrero, Mexico
  • La Mesa, LA, USA
  • La Mesa, NM, USA
  • La Mesa, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • La Mesada, Argentina
  • La Mesa Colonia, TX, USA
  • Las Mesas, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Lee Mesa, UT, USA
  • La Mesa de Esnujaque, Venezuela
  • La Mesa del al Tortuga, Jalisco, Mexico
  • La Mesa del Frijol, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • La Mesa del Gallo, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Mesa de los Indios, Argentina
  • Marlborough Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Mesa, AR, USA
  • Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Mesa, CO, USA
  • Mesa, Cuba
  • Mesa, ID, USA
  • Mesa, Italy
  • Mesa, Mozambique
  • Mesa, MS, USA
  • Mesa, NM, USA
  • Mesa, WA, USA
  • Mesa Camp, CA, USA
  • Mesa Chica, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Mesa City, Philippines
  • Mesa Colorada, Sonora, Mexico
  • Mesa de Amula, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Mesa de Barreras, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Mesa de la Cruz, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  • Mesa de la Mata, Spain
  • Mesa de Guanipa, Venezuela
  • Mesa del Huracán, Venezuela
  • Mesa Del Maguey, Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Mesa del Mar, Spain
  • Mesa Del Monte, CA, USA
  • Mesa de los Santos, Colombia
  • Mesa del Nayar, Nayarit, Mexico
  • Mesa de San Andrés, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Mesa de San Jacinto, Baja California, Mexico
  • Mesa de Santa Bárbara, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Mesa de Veraguas, Panama
  • Mesa Grande, Aguacalientes, Mexico
  • Mesa Heights, CO, USA
  • Mesa Lakes, CO, USA
  • Mesa Manor, WV, USA
  • Mesa Oaks, CA, USA
  • Mesa Patios, AZ, USA
  • Mesa Verde, CA, USA
  • Mesa Verde Colonia, TX, USA
  • Mesa View, AR, USA
  • Mesa Village, NM, USA
  • Mesa Vista, CA, USA
  • Mesa del Caballo, AZ, USA
  • Mesita (Little Mesa), NM, USA
  • Mira Mesa, CA, USA
  • Mountain Mesa, CA, USA
  • Mount Jordan Mesa, UT, USA
  • Orchard Mesa, CO, USA
  • Otay Mesa, CA, USA
  • Pala Mesa, CA, USA
  • Pajarito Mesa, NM, USA
  • Parkview Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Quail Mesa Colonia, TX, USA
  • Rancho Mesa Verde, AZ, USA
  • Red Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Rogers Mesa, CO, USA
  • Second Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Serra Mesa, CA, USA
  • Silvercrest Mesa, UT, USA
  • Spring Mesa, CO, USA
  • Summer Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Suncrest Villas Mesa, AZ, USA
  • Sundance Mesa, NM, USA
  • The Mesa, CA, USA
  • Third Mesa, AZ, USA
  • White Mesa, UT, USA
  • Willow Creek Mesa, UT, USA
Costa Mesa, CA – Source:


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