Tuesday Tunes: Out-of-this-world rock band names

Source: ashortwalktopluto.com

Listed below are band names (primarily from rock) that are out-of-this-world in nature. The most common terms are star (17), star (13), moon (13), sun (13), and space (7). Meanwhile Mars (8), Venus (6), Mercury (2), Jupiter (2), and Pluto (2) are the most common planets used in band names. Surprisingly, no bands with Saturn or Uranus in their names could be found. Come on – what hard rock band wouldn’t want to name their band “Ur Anus”, “Your Anus” or something similar to that? And how the heck is not a band with Saturn in its name? Really?

Source: brianconroy.com

In addition, no bands were found with meteor, universe, light-year, nebula, eclipse, or black hole in their name either. As always, any additions, corrections, or suggestions are most welcome. Peace and rock on!


Aaron Space (Canada)

A Rocket to the Moon (USA)

Alien (Sweden)

Andromeda (England)

Antimatter (England)

Apollo Ghosts (Canada)

Apollo 3 (Germany)

Apollo 440

A Short Walk to Pluto (Canada)

Astra (USA)

Asteroid B-612 (Australia)

Bad Moon Rising (USA)

Big Bang (England)

Big Star (USA)

Bill Haley & His Comets (USA)

Black Star Riders (USA)

Black Sun Ensemble (USA)

Blinker the Star (Canada)

Burning Star Core (USA)

Captain Beyond (USA)

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (USA)

Commander Venus (USA)

Cosmic Rough Riders (Scotland)

Dark Star Orchestra (USA)

Dim Stars (USA)

Empire of the Sun (Australia)

Flies Inside the Sun (New Zealand)

Flying Saucer Attack (England)

Freddie Mercury (England)

Ghostland Observatory (USA)

God Is An Astronaut (Ireland)

Goon Moon (USA)

Half Moon Run (Canada)

Jefferson Starship (USA)

Jet Set Satellite (Canada)

Jim Locked & the Solemn Sun (England)

Jupiter (Japan)

Jupiter One (USA)

Keith Moon (England)

Kings of the Sun (Australia)

Little Comets (England)

Luna Sea (Japan)

Man or Astro Man? (USA)

Mars (USA)

Mars Electric (USA)

Matchstick Sun (Norway)

Mercury Tilt Switch (Scotland)

Moon Dog Mane (USA)

Moon Taxi (USA)

Mugstar (England)

NASA Space Universe (USA)

Neptune (USA)

Night Sun (Germany)

Nova Twins (England)

Orbit (USA)

Paper Moon (Canada)

Pisces (USA)

Planet P Project (USA)

Planet Us (USA)

Pluto (Canada)

Pocket Venus (Wales)

Poem Rocket (USA)

Quasar (England)

Quiet Sun (England)

Red Sun Rising (USA)

Rockets Red Glare (Canada)

Rocket Science (Australia)

Satellite Party (USA)

Satellite Stories (Finland)

Sattalites (Canada)

Seven and the Sun (USA)

Solar Project (Germany)

Solar Trance (USA)

Sonic Porno (Australia)

Sonic Youth (USA)

Space (England)

Spaceface (USA)

Spacehog (England)

Spacemen 43 (England)

Space Monkeys (England)

Space Ritual (England)

Sphere 3 (England)

Starchild (Canada)

Starclub (England)

Starfarm (USA)

Star One (Netherlands)

Stars (Australia)

Stars Go Dim (USA)

Stars on 45 (Netherlands)

Starship (USA) renamed from Jefferson Starship

Starz (USA)

Steller West (USA)

Sun (Germany)

Sun Blood Stories (USA)

Sun Cats (Sweden)

Sun Theory (Australia)

Surface of Eceon (USA)

Swallow the Sun (Finland)

The Aliens (Scotland)

The Cosmic Jokers (Germany)

The Crew of the Flying Saucer (USA)

The Donde Stars (Wales)

The Flaming Stars (England)

The Georgia Satellites (USA)

The Mars Volta (USA)

The Martians (Scotland)

The Mercurymen (Canada)

The Moondogs (Northern Ireland)

The Nova Local (USA)

The Radiators From Space (Ireland)

The Rockets (USA)

The Soft Moon (USA)

The Spiders from Mars (England)

The Telescopes (England)

The Yellow Moon Band (England)

Thirteen Stars (USA)

Thirty Seconds to Mars (USA)

Thirsty Moon (Germany)

UFO (England)

UFOetry (USA)

Univers Zero (Belgium)

Vega (England)

Venus and the Razorblades (USA)

Venus Flytrap (England)

Venus Mars Project (USA)

Voyager One (USA)

Walk the Moon (USA)

Warp 9 (USA)

Water on Mars (Canada)

Young Galaxy (Canada)

Zen From Mars (USA)

Zodiac (Germany)

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction (England)


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