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Dim the lights and celebrate International Dark Sky Week!

Begun in 2003, International Dark Sky Week celebrates the awesome glory of the night sky while also informing the public of threats from sky glow, glare, and other forms of light pollution. In 2015, International Dark Sky Week takes place from April … Continue reading

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The DUMB reality of opting-out

In an ironic twist of fate, Southeast Michigan’s  regional bus system is nicknamed SMART (Southeast Michigan Regional Transit). Given the ability of communities in the region to opt-out of participation, the name certainly is an oxymoron to the DUMB (Detroit Unworkable Metro Bus) … Continue reading

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Unofficial guide to the hipsterhoods of Dixie

As a continuation of this series on hipster neighborhoods in cities (see previous posts on the Rust Belt, Texas and the Great Plains, and Mountain West), below are those hipsterhoods which were identified in cities of the Southern states, including Alabama, … Continue reading

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North America’s super suburbs

Here’s the list of the largest suburbs (by population) in North America. A minimum threshold of 150,000 residents was utilized. The population for all communities in the United States and Puerto Rico are 2013 Census Bureau estimates. For other nations, … Continue reading

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In-state rivals – larger city, but smaller metro population

Here are the six examples found of the largest city in population of a particular state not being the core of the largest metropolitan area. Interestingly, all but one example come from the South.  It is also interesting to note how … Continue reading

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Seeking admission into the realm of hipsterdom

Does the realm of hipsterdom have a maximum age limit? That’s a question I have often asked myself.  Can someone like me, who soon will be facing the 40th high school reunion squarely in the face, really be considered a … Continue reading

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Multi-state MSAs and CSAs (minimum of 3 states)

  Washington-Baltimore CSA = 5 (DC, MD, PA, VA, and WV) New York City MSA and CSA = 4 (NY, NJ, CT, and PA) Washington MSA = 4 (DC, MD, VA, and WV) Boston-Providence CSA = 4 (MA, RI, NH, … Continue reading

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