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“Planning should be aspirational”

“Planning should be aspirational.” Those four words sum up in a nutshell what the planning profession should be all about. They were stated by a friend of mine recently at a meeting and no truer statement was ever said about … Continue reading

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India’s largest airport terminals (by floor area)

Below is a list of the 30 largest airport terminal buildings in India based on the most recent data listed on the Airports Authority of India website,  though other sources were needed for the airport terminals in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. … Continue reading

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Can you spy skyline #7?

Congratulations to Johanna for being the first to correctly identify Brussels, Belgium as skyline #6. Here is skyline #7 for your consideration. Cheers!  

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A capital city without a country

Depending on your definition and/or the resource(s) you cite, there are between 193 and 200 countries on Earth, each with its own capital city. There are also many individual states, provinces, and territories that contain capital cities. But to this … Continue reading

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Can you guess the city? (#9 for 2015)

Kudos to Russel for being the only person to correctly identify Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as City #8. Here is City #9 for your consideration.  

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Most congested megacity index for 2014

Below are the results from the most congested megacity index which are based on an interesting and fairly simple measure of street congestion – the average number of stops and starts per vehicle during a given year. Please note that … Continue reading

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Can you spy skyline #6?

Congratulations to Allen for being the first to correctly identify Kobe, Japan as skyline #5. Here is #6 for your consideration.

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