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The preamble of the Constitution as it is applied in 2012

A small dose of reality is provided below as the plutocracy continue to shape this nation in their twisted and self-serving image. – The preamble to the Constitution as originally adopted: “We the people of the United States, in order … Continue reading

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Not one penny more!

Until the current conservative-led government of Israel starts treating all of its citizens equally, stops building settlements in disputed areas, stops imposing its will and deadly force on the adjacent Palestinian territories, and agrees to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a legitimate … Continue reading

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See and discuss “The Purity Myth” on May 19th

I had an opportunity to preview the documentary, entitled The Purity Myth last night. It is a powerful film, based on the book of the same name by Jessica Valenti, which documents and critiques the ongoing war against women that … Continue reading

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Peace is the word, is the word, is the word

Last night I had the privilege of attending the annual meeting of the Peace Education Center in East Lansing. The energy level among the approximately 50 attendees was inspiring as the membership socialized, shared a potluck supper, celebrated volunteer efforts, … Continue reading

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If the three windbags (Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck) ruled the earth

I and whole lot of other people would move to another planet immediately. Cape Girardeau, Missouri would be named world capital. Women would be instantly second class citizens. Egotistical would be mandated as a positive trait. Facts and the truth would be … Continue reading

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The good doctor would be proud – review of “The Lorax”

I went to see The Lorax last night. I have always loved reading books by Dr. Seuss and the fact that yesterday would have been his 108th birthday made it even more special. Add on top of that Fox News’ seal of … Continue reading

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National don’t be a lemming day – Feb. 29th

Hooray! Tomorrow is February 29th and once again we have the opportunity to celebrate National Lemming Day – that one day every four years when everyone gets to pretend to be a lemming, blindly follow each other, and leap off…the edge…of…a…jagged….cliff…..hmmm? Hey, wait a … Continue reading

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A city where the Occupy movement has been welcomed

I am very proud of my hometown these days. Unlike many cities across this country, both Mayor Virg Bernero and Greater Lansing have been very welcoming to the Occupy Lansing movement here. Each day, 20-30 protesters are encamped in Lansing’s Reutter … Continue reading

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Scenes from Occupy Lansing – 10/15/11

Quite a day at Michigan’s state capitol building as the Occupy movement arrived at the steps of the people’s house at 10 am. Despite very chilly winds, a crowd of 1,000+ joined organizers to hear speeches, set an agenda, and … Continue reading

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Rejecting rigid conformity of the mass market

I don’t know about you, but personally, I have had quite enough with many of the mass-market’s rigid conformity requirements.  Do this – do that, wear this – wear that, believe this – believe that, watch this – watch that, … Continue reading

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