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Longest rivers that outlet into the Great Lakes

The following list identifies the 43 (two ties) longest rivers that outlet into the Great Lakes in the United States and Canada. The longest river for each of the Great Lakes and for Lake St. Clair is identified in bold. … Continue reading

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Fracking sprawl across West Texas

Many places across America lament the urban sprawl taking place in their midst. Meanwhile, parts of Texas have a different kind of sprawl to contend with – fracking sprawl. As can be seen in the photos taken as I flew … Continue reading

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My Amazon HQ2 prediction

Ever since Amazon announced they would be establishing a dual headwaters, a virtual cottage industry of predictions and analyses has developed. Everyone has an opinion on what metro will be selected. Here are my thoughts on the subject: My heart would … Continue reading

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Canaries in the climate change coal mine

I challenge any partisan climate change denier to travel to Alaska and tell the residents of the 31 communities shown on the map depicted above that climate change isn’t real. It’s easy to sit behind a microphone and blow steam … Continue reading

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Why not permanent wildfire breaks?

While traveling through wildfire  country of Northern California and Southern Oregon, including being re-routed 80 miles because of a fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park, I had a thought. Instead of a hell-bent chaotic rush to build temporary wildfire breaks … Continue reading

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Images from Yosemite National Park

Below are photos from our visit today (Monday, 8/13/12) to Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately, because of the extreme heat Yosemite Falls was dry as a bone and Bridal Veil Falls was nearly so. The park was still impressive, as were … Continue reading

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Images of Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

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When did ending subsides for big oil start being called a tax increase?

A month or two ago I wrote my Congressman, Republican Mike Rogers about ending subsidies for oil and gas companies. Today, I received a response in the mail. His letter was very cordial and polite, but the logic of his … Continue reading

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There’s no doubt it’s a serious drought when…

You can use your lawn as sandpaper or a bristle brush. Shade is for rent by the hour. Wrigley’s stops selling Rain chewing gum in your town. Arid Extra Dry sells out in all the stores. Vultures start circling you when … Continue reading

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“This land is your land” – a 2012 eco-version

Saturday, July 14th will be the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birth. To honor him and express this eco-bicyclist”s concern beyond those expressed his original lyrics, here is a modified version of Woody Guthrie’s classic folk song This Land is Your … Continue reading

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