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Ten ways to be ready for the next heat wave

Source: Repair you snowblower so you mind is fixed on cold things. Have 200 pounds of ice ready to put in your bathtub for soaking. Install a walk-in freezer for your kitchen. Buy stock in slushies, smoothies, snow cones, … Continue reading

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A severe shortage of global cooling

With yet another day in triple digits here in Michigan, one has to ask if this prolonged heat wave is linked to global warming and climate change. Personally, I believe it most certainly is. – However, there are folks out there … Continue reading

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Post climate change Summer Olympic events

Sauna cycling Climate change denier decathlon (make them run till they drop) Heat wave high-jumping Swimming in sweat Bad ass butt-blistering badminton Empty pool concrete crawl Track and burnt to a crisp fields Diving into melted marshmallows Hop, skip, and … Continue reading

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Mapping costly climatic disasters in the USA

Here is a fascinating map depicting those areas of the United States with the most and least billion dollar disasters since 1980.  If you want to avoid destructive weather and climate related disasters, the south is not the place to … Continue reading

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Are summer turf wars really necessary?

While I was riding my bike to work the other morning, I stopped for a traffic signal to change.  As I was sitting there, I noticed four separate lawn care crews at the intersection, each distinguished by the rumble of … Continue reading

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A few more predictions

The U.S. single family housing market will remain stagnant, not only because of the 2008 crisis, but as the baby boom generation ages there will be less demand for single family homes for the next 20 years. Exurbs and distant … Continue reading

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A few predictions

Making predictions on future events and trends can be risky, as more often than not you are likely to be wrong. But, there are a few items I think are worth noting. So here goes: Brazil, not India will be … Continue reading

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A tale of two stores

For the most part, I will let the following two photographs do the talking. The first picture is from a local Meijer’s store. The second is from the local Kroger store. Both have recently completed major remodeling and renovation projects. … Continue reading

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Make gas hogs pay thru the snout

I am still amazed at the number of people who continue buying gas hogging SUV’s like Navigators and Tahoes. There are very few, if any, justifiable instances where these vehicles are practical, especially for family use. To me, those who continue … Continue reading

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Retaking the top spot in clean energy investments

Congratulations to the United States for retaking the top spot in clean energy investment from China in 2011. Below is a chart showing the top 10 countries in terms of clean energy investments in 2011. Top 10 nations in clean … Continue reading

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