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World’s largest cities with three (3) letter names

Below is a compilation of the world’s largest cities with only three letters in their names. These cities represent a total of 35 nations. Interestingly, none of the cities on the list are from the United States, Canada, Australia, or … Continue reading

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The Pumpkins return with a “Smashing” good record

Back in the 1990s, the Smashing Pumpkins were among the elite rock bands rotating on MTV. They also released one of the most infectious and enjoyable tunes of the decade with “1979.” Since the turn of the century, their starlit … Continue reading

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City/town names in USA/Canada that end with matching letters

In anticipation of preparing this post, it was never imagined that it would take more than a week of research/compilation and that there would be so many examples across the United States and Canada. In fact, this is the first … Continue reading

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Los destinos divinos de Latinoamérica: Ciudades con nombres religiosos más allá de San/o, o Santa/o [Latin America’s divine destinations: Cities with religious names beyond San/o, or Santa/o]

A continuación se enumeran las ciudades y pueblos de América Latina que tienen nombres religiosos, pero no incluyen San, Sao, Santa o Santo en su nombre. Esto también sería no tener Saint en su nombre en inglés o francés. Como … Continue reading

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Cities and towns on the go –> Go –> GO!

For a little fun on a Friday, the following list identifies those cities and towns around the globe whose name (or a portion thereof) ends with the pronunciation of “go.” Geographically, there are 23 nations represented on the list, as … Continue reading

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Best TV, music & movies seen/heard in 2023 May

The following are my favorite television shows, movies, and music seen/heard for the first time in 2023, as ranked through May 22nd. TELEVISION – Comedies Ted Lasso – Season 3 (Apple TV) Reboot (Hulu) That ’90s Show (Netflix) The Ranch … Continue reading

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Being seen: Furthering pedestrian safety at crossings

When crossing a street or roadway on foot, pedestrians must make sure that drivers are aware of them. Eye contact is especially important. Otherwise, pedestrians risk being added to the sobering pedestrian traffic death statistics in the United States. Even … Continue reading

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Why do former Western mining towns more often appear to recover while Eastern ones continue to decline? A comparative analysis from a human and A.I.

There are many thoughts on this issue and it can be much more complex that just a single reason. As a result, it was decided to compare this blog author’s thoughts on the subject to those of to see … Continue reading

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Largest one-syllable cities in the United States and Canada

The list below identifies the largest one-syllable cities in the United States, including Puerto Rico, and Canada. A minimum population of 10,000 was required for inclusion on the list. The most common city name found on the list is “Troy” … Continue reading

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A global map of active solar observatories

The map provided below identifies the currently active solar observatories on Earth. While other observatories may include some facets of research related to the Sun, this map identifies those optical and radio observatories whose primary purpose is the study and … Continue reading

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