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Derogatory place nicknames – UPDATE #6

Last weekend (originally published in 2013) a derogatory nickname was overheard for a city here in Michigan that I had never heard expressed before in my 21 (now 26) years of being a resident of this state. For some reason … Continue reading

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Wavering between tomorrow and yesterday

My guess is that most readers of this blog have at one time or another sampled an e-reader, tablet, or equivalent technology to slowly peruse an electronic version of a book. If you are like me, you probably found them to … Continue reading

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“Skyfall” – Best Bond flick ever?

Perhaps. Skyfall certainly will rank in the top five among many, if not most James Bond fans. Only time will tell whether it is considered the very best. Personally, I believe it could reach that threshold. Up until seeing Skyfall yesterday, my … Continue reading

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De Niro dog whispering

Back in January, I was fortunate enough to adopt a wonderful American Eskimo dog who I named Relay. His name came from the fact that it took a relay of four vehicles to bring him from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Greater … Continue reading

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A golden opportunity to express thanks

What better way to honor our seniors in their golden years than to provide them with  a better quality of life. This Friday evening, July 27, 2012, residents of Greater Lansing have a golden opportunity to give back for all … Continue reading

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If sharks ruled the earth

I thought they already did? The world would be a lot more chummy. Razor-sharp teeth would be a fashion statement for more than just vampires. Steven Spielberg would be required to change the conclusion Jaws and its sequels. Vampires wouldn’t be the … Continue reading

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More disappearing acts to depart soon

Here are eleven more items that I believe will all but disappear within the next decade – some a little more controversial than the previous list: The Euro – good idea, but not everyone came to the party with the … Continue reading

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Using one’s imagination for good vs evil

After I arrived home last night from moving my son out of his dorm room, I was listening to a later broadcast of PBS NewsHour before going to bed. There was a disquieting feature story last night about boutique bioterror … Continue reading

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Some more musings

If we scream for ice cream, do we cuss for custard? yell for Jello or gelato? and crow for yogurt? If sweltering summer days are the “dog days,” then what are the freezing ones of winter – “cat nights?” If … Continue reading

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English words that defy description – NSFW

In every language there seems to be some words that defy description beyond being just plain goofy. Here are some of the goofy words of the English language that I like with some definitional and spelling help from the Urban … Continue reading

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