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The uneven geographic distribution of Google fiber

One only need to briefly glance at the map of existing and proposed Google fiber cities (above) to realize it is being deployed in manner that rewards certain regions and potentially harms others. No cities are represented from the New … Continue reading

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“Her”- Love in an impersonal world

Kathy and I saw the film Her over the weekend. The movie is a poignant fast forward portrayal of our impersonal digital world. Putting irony and emphasis on this portrayal was the fact that as we exited the theater, nearly everyone … Continue reading

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Wavering between tomorrow and yesterday

My guess is that most readers of this blog have at one time or another sampled an e-reader, tablet, or equivalent technology to slowly peruse an electronic version of a book. If you are like me, you probably found them to … Continue reading

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The spirit of the ‘transistor’ radio

One of my all-time favorite songs by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush is “Spirit of the Radio” from their 1980 album entitled Permanent Waves.  This great Canadian rock band captures the free spirit of radio in its … Continue reading

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Ecomodal transportation hubs

This post summarizes several ideas that could be employed to facilitate the establishment of sustainable transportation hubs where intermodal cross-movement between multiple green (or active) transportation options takes place with ease. In a nutshell, these facilities are described by using … Continue reading

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Hey Apple….think different and put a store here?

I am not certain how each retailer chooses where locate a store, but I am sure there are many similarities and a few company-specific differences. What I cannot figure out, is how a metropolitan region with more than 500,000 residents, … Continue reading

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The passing of an American legend – Steve Jobs (1956-2011)

I was deeply saddened last night upon learning of Steve Jobs passing. At the time, I was writing a new post for this blog, but had to stop working at the news. Steve Jobs was the Galileo, the Da Vinci, … Continue reading

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iPads for one, iPads for all – in Zeeland, Michigan

Kudos and major high-fives to the Zeeland Public Schools. Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, students in the Zeeland school system between 3rd grade and 12th grade (approximately 1,800 of them in all) are being provided with a free iPad to … Continue reading

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Where geeks call home in America

Below is the list of the geekiest places in America, as compiled by the National Science Foundation (NSF) using 2007 data and published on Some of these may surprise you. I know several did me, especially numbers 17 and 20. … Continue reading

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How about designing digital products and services with the customer in mind?

Do not know about all of you, but I find it rather annoying that some of new digital gadgets, especially televisions, do not come with all the necessary parts included. Gone are the days of buy it, plug it in, … Continue reading

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