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Cities pronounced the same, but spelled differently

The following list identifies cities and towns whose names are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently. Any additions, suggestions, or corrections, are most welcome. Enjoy! Ashville, OH <-> Asheville, NC Baalbek, Lebanon <-> Balbec, IN – Thank you, Dan! … Continue reading

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City names containing two or more first names

Below is a list of cities and towns in the USA and Canada that contain at least two (2) first names within the city/town’s name. Informal and formal variations of the same name, such as “Al” and “Alan,” “Rich” and … Continue reading

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15.3 million footsteps from Istanbul to Xian!

Over the course of four years (1999-2002), author and retired journalist Bernard Ollivier trekked the ancient Silk Road on foot from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China. He accomplished this monumental 7,500 mile (12,000 km) feat by overcoming aches, pains, illnesses, … Continue reading

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Cities/towns with rude and crude names – NSFW

Below is a list of just some of the rudest, crudest, and socially unacceptable town names around the world, particularly when they are pronounced in English or translated. It’s hard to believe that these are just the tip of the … Continue reading

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Metro areas with the most colorful suburban city/town names

A minimum four (4) suburbs with colorful names was required for inclusion on this list. An attempt was made to find similar examples outside the United States, but without much luck. Any additions, corrections, or suggestions are welcome. Dublin, Ireland … Continue reading

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Cities/towns with sequential first and last letters in their name

After scanning wikipedia pages for every nation on the planet, it was surprising to learn that some sequential first and last letter combinations either don’t exist or the communities were they do are so small they didn’t register on the … Continue reading

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World’s largest “cape” cities and towns

The following list identifies those cities and towns with the geographic term “cape” in their name. Twenty (20) different nations are represented on this diverse list. As always, any additions, corrections, or suggestions are welcome. Cape Town, South Africa = … Continue reading

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Dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn city/town names

Below are city and town names that reflect the dawn, midday, dusk, nighttime, and back again. In a number of cases, the dawn and dusk names match up geographically and logically with their names. These are noted with explanations. Not … Continue reading

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Worlds largest “ton” suffix cities

The following list identifies those cities and town whose name includes the suffix of “ton.” “Ton” is often used as a shortened version of “town.” Based on this list, the most common versions of “ton” are Kingston (4), Hamilton (4), … Continue reading

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Everyone loves an adorable tugboat!

From Canada to Australia, from Russia to the United Kingdom, and from South Africa to the USA, the entire world loves an adorable tugboat. The varied images of youth-oriented book covers, animated television series, poems, and motion pictures provided below … Continue reading

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