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A day for reflective outdoor recreation

A unique and special annual event on Greater Lansing’s community calendar is reserved for celebrating the reflective peace and tranquility of non-motorized outdoor recreation, takes place on the first Saturday of March.┬áThe event is called the Quiet Waters Symposium and … Continue reading

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“44: Dublin Made Me” Snapshots from the 1960s

It was my great hope that this book by Peter Sheridan would provide some intriguing insights into the history and development of Dublin, Ireland, much in the way several other books have for Mumbai, Beijing, Edinburgh, and Istanbul. Dublin has … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Place in an Emerging Energy Crisis

By wmliu on Flickr Cognitive Dissonance n. Psychology. A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one’s beliefs and one’s actions ( On the surface, the definition of ‘cognitive dissonance’ sounds very similar to ‘hypocrisy’. But the difference … Continue reading

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