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My favorite North American mountain ranges

A minimum of 2,000 foot elevation was required for consideration. Some of these listed below are part of larger mountain ranges. Enjoy! Cascade Range (California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia) Blue Ridge (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania) Grand Tetons … Continue reading

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Why not permanent wildfire breaks?

While traveling through wildfire  country of Northern California and Southern Oregon, including being re-routed 80 miles because of a fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park, I had a thought. Instead of a hell-bent chaotic rush to build temporary wildfire breaks … Continue reading

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Images of Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

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Images of Lassen Volcanic National Park

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“I’m a Pepper”…in more ways than one

The famous tag line , “I’m a Pepper” was used by Dr. Pepper for many yeast as its advertising theme and slogan. And while I love Dr. Pepper (my favorite soft drink), it is not the only pepper that I … Continue reading

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There’s no doubt it’s a serious drought when…

You can use your lawn as sandpaper or a bristle brush. Shade is for rent by the hour. Wrigley’s stops selling Rain chewing gum in your town. Arid Extra Dry sells out in all the stores. Vultures start circling you when … Continue reading

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“This land is your land” – a 2012 eco-version

Saturday, July 14th will be the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birth. To honor him and express this eco-bicyclist”s concern beyond those expressed his original lyrics, here is a modified version of Woody Guthrie’s classic folk song This Land is Your … Continue reading

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If sharks ruled the earth

I thought they already did? The world would be a lot more chummy. Razor-sharp teeth would be a fashion statement for more than just vampires. Steven Spielberg would be required to change the conclusion Jaws and its sequels. Vampires wouldn’t be the … Continue reading

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Ten ways to be ready for the next heat wave

Source: Repair you snowblower so you mind is fixed on cold things. Have 200 pounds of ice ready to put in your bathtub for soaking. Install a walk-in freezer for your kitchen. Buy stock in slushies, smoothies, snow cones, … Continue reading

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A severe shortage of global cooling

With yet another day in triple digits here in Michigan, one has to ask if this prolonged heat wave is linked to global warming and climate change. Personally, I believe it most certainly is. – However, there are folks out there … Continue reading

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