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Improving walkability in winter

By now, nearly every urban planner should be familiar with the term walkability as well as its rationale and numerous community benefits. Despite this, there are times during the winter months when walkability can be anything but easy due to snow and particularly ice. … Continue reading

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My favorite newspaper comic strips

I always enjoy a good comic strip, particularly humorous ones. They can lift your spirits even on the worst days. Below is my list of favorite comic strips I have enjoyed over the years – some are still published, while … Continue reading

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Injustice(s) on our streets

This poignant photograph above from the University of California at Davis over the past weekend speaks volumes. It shows the loathsome and deplorable treatment that many Occupy protesters are now receiving in cities across the country. What I am wondering … Continue reading

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Realistically renaming the Big Ten

Since the Big Ten is that in name only, I think the time is long past due for a new league name. leaving the Big Ten name is akin calling New York as its original name New Amsterdam or Verizon as … Continue reading

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Iconic carillon towers of the US and Canada

I love listening to carillons. Their harmonic chimes and/or bells sound so relaxing and and radiate beautifully across the countryside. To me they also are quintessential aspect of college. Synonyms for carillons include campaniles and bell towers. Here is a … Continue reading

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WHM Day 17: Amelia Earhart

David M. Dismore is doing a fabulous job live blogging Women’s History Month at Ms. Today he posts about Amelia Earhart, the most famous female aviator. On March 17, 1937, she started off on the first try for an around-the-world trip. She made it … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

I’m a forgetful feminist; I didn’t post yesterday to celebrate the beginning of Women’s History Month. It’s a sad commentary on our society that we need to set aside a specific month for honoring women instead of including them in … Continue reading

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