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Your community is dumpy when…

Landfill acreage exceeds park acreage. There are residents with the first name of Humpty. No refuse is refused. People can smell it before they arrive. Pig Pen is Mayor. Junk and salvage yards are welcome in any zoning district. Activities … Continue reading

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Are we becoming a scavenger society?

Last night, I stopped by Michigan State University’s state-of-the art Public Recycling Center to drop off my recyclables.  While there, I happened to notice a woman was carrying a metal object with three-prongs at the end of it. As I … Continue reading

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Donation buscapade through ice and snow

In a sad and unfortunate twist of fate, the St. Vincent de Paul Society Thrift Store on Lansing’s near south side burned down just a week before Christmas. The building was a total loss. However, that tragedy has been replaced by many … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Recycling in Spartan style

Below is a photograph of a cool “Sparty ” outfit created entirely of recycled items by the MSU Recycling Center. No matter which school you are supporting for the big game tomorrow between Michigan and Michigan State, this is a … Continue reading

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Bicycle to recycle

The old adage says, “what goes around comes around.” That is twice as true when you use your bicycle to recycle. Since my office’s recycling program only takes #1 and #2 plastics, I collect plastics #3-7 at my desk and then … Continue reading

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“Yellow Pages” are told to take a hike

Instead of your fingers doing the walking, it looks like the Yellow Pages and similar phone directories will be soon taking a hike in a community near you. Both San Francisco and Seattle have passed new laws recently limiting the … Continue reading

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Recycling is more than a personal decision

During my daily trash can dive in the break room, I came across several plastic items that are recyclable. Jokingly, I made a comment while passing the desk of one of the people who had tossed an item into the … Continue reading

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Access to plastic recycling in America

Some interesting data about America’s access to plastic recycling from a newly released national study prepared for the American Chemistry Council by Moore Recycling Associates. According to the study, recycling options in 2,468 communities of 10,000 population or greater were analyzed, as … Continue reading

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Leaders in clean energy by state

Below is a chart created by Clean Edge that lists all 50 states by their overall clean energy ranking. The comprehensive rankings are based on 70 indicators. Check it out and see how your state stacks up.

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Long Beach chooses to turn the tide

Last month I wrote a post about the sorrowful amount of trash in our oceans. Well, one coastal city has taken a step towards reducing waste in our oceans. According to a May 19 story by Alexis Petru for Earth911, the … Continue reading

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