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Confessions of a recovering freeway nerd

Source: I’ll admit it. In my younger days, I was a certified freeway nerd. Growing up in Indianapolis, I was in awe of the Interstate Highway System. Lucky for me, Indy had plenty of them, including my teenage and … Continue reading

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Geography of underground co-location data centers

The list below identifies underground data centers located around the globe that are designed to serve multiple tenants (co-location) versus solely one business or organization. Given the wide ranging of threats to data resources from climate change, cyber attacks, malware, … Continue reading

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Longest roadway tunnels under North American airports

  The following list identifies the longest road tunnels in the North America that operate beneath airport infrastructure. Any additional, corrections, or suggestions are most welcome, particularly for those tunnels without data or of other locations not included. 3,696 feet … Continue reading

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Geography of North America’s Current Underground Salt Mines

Below is a listing of the currently operating underground salt mines of North America. Underground mines are primarily used for excavating rock salt. As is evident from the details provided, the majority of these underground mines are enormous in size, … Continue reading

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Doomsday Bunker Cities and Towns

The following post lists known bunker cities and towns that have been built as a way to survive a nuclear or biological holocaust and/or maintain continuity of government. Many were constructed during the Cold War era, some of which are … Continue reading

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Mending Interstate Injustice – Freeway Capping Projects

In recent years there has been an effort in some cities to mend some of the wounds of Interstate Highway era gashes that were savagely cut through American cities. A method for healing these scars has been to cap the … Continue reading

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When transportation becomes the destination

Now and then, a part of the transportation network becomes iconic in itself. In those cases, the infrastructure not only serves its intended purpose, but also becomes a focal point and source of community, regional, or even national pride, and … Continue reading

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Longest underwater highway tunnels

When it became apparent that a list of underwater highway tunnels by order of their length could not be found on the internet, I decided to put one together. The list is not comprehensive and meant to be a continuous … Continue reading

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Superhighway superhero

While traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike on our way to Washington, DC last night we stopped at the Midway Service Plaza in Bedford. This recently updated plaza included a very interesting display on the history of the turnpike, Americas first superhighway. … Continue reading

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PortMiami Tunnel to open in May

The twin-tube 4,200 foot long PortMiami Tunnel is scheduled to open to traffic in May of 2014. Under construction since 2010, the $1 billion public-private partnership project will extend Interstate 395 under the Government Cut shipping channel separating Watson Island and Dodge … Continue reading

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